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GIZORAMA - Before this generation, zombie games were a rarity outside of a few standouts like Zombies Ate My Neighbor and the Resident Evil series. This is puzzling since the zombie game by its nature provides the endless horde of zombies to make the perfect video game cannon fodder. Starting with the Dead Rising series and Left 4 Dead, this generation has fully embraced the living dead even inserting them into traditional games like Call of Duty. Like anything that becomes popular, there are detractors that wish to see something else besides zombies. Deadlight’s enemies are technically called Shadows, so detractors can rest easy… at least until the enemies try to eat them. Deadlight is Tequila Work’s freshman entry into the world of gaming and is published by Microsoft Studios as an exclusive entry and part of their Summer of Arcade event. Yes, Deadlight is a zombie game…but oh so much more.

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