GTA 5 release date and platforms “TBA” in “full development & showing substantial progress.”

Take Two’s Earnings Conference Call is still a few minutes away but the company has released a press release outlining it’s content. Crucially GTA 5′s release date and platforms are still “TBA”.

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HK63284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Thanks Captain Obvious. Surely we would have been lost without your stunning intellect!

simonrope3284d ago

Pointless. Dont bother commenting on the game unless theres some serious info. :|

WeskerChildReborned3284d ago

Their barely is any serious info :(

adamant7153284d ago

Watch this be a launch title for the 720 in late 2013. Just watch. haha

Wenis3284d ago

Well it is still on track to be released before March 2013, so it'd have to be a port for it to show up on 720.

adamant7153284d ago

Who said it'd be released in March?

And when you don't confirm a platform or release date, there's obviously something happening. Put 2 and 2 together