GameStop CEO: banning used gaming 'doesn’t make economic sense'

GameStop has been a great source for players to experience various types of games without spending a fortune and is a reason why core gaming has enjoyed the success it has found over the years.

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Jadedz3281d ago

Paying $60 for a new game, isn't something I can do very often (once you factor in living expenses, of course). Why do you believe people enjoy steam so much? There're sales (deals on games) like almost every other day.

Simon_Brezhnev3281d ago

Yeah and in previous generations after some years new games went down in price. Games should now be 49.99 i highly doubt it still cost as much as it did 6 years ago to make a game.

ChunkyLover533281d ago

Its not so much the used game market for me, as I buy 95% of my games new in order to support the developers, but I'll be dammed if I cant take my game to my brothers house and pop it in his console and play it their as well.

Used games are a very key part of the industry and the industry isn't really fully aware of how important it really is in its success. I know people, myself included that have ended up getting into a franchise and buying the sequels day one, for the full $60 price tag, after buying the initial game used.

Persistantthug3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

You see, Contrary to the sentiment of some people, RETAIL is a part of the video gaming industry. Buying used does help retail.

Now I'm personally not an advocate of buying every single game used, as I buy the majority of them new, but when you buy used, you aren't automatically going against the industry.

What probably needs to happen, is retail may need to figure out how to give a little of the used proceeds to the publishers, then they'll be a bit happier and stop trying to hurt it with codes and things like that........make it win win.

But yeah....Retail is part of the industry, and I personally like retail.

BrianC62343281d ago

You can always buy the games you really want new on day one. Then watch for sales on the games you want but don't want to pay full price. That way your money goes to the right people and you get a cheaper price. So many games come out at Christmas and are on sale for $39.99 in January or February.

nukeitall3281d ago

I buy 100% of my games new, and have been doing it for basically a decade. That said, I see no issue with used.

Used game traded in is often spent on other games and sometimes brand new ones. Furthermore, I believe in the freedom to sell something I acquired legally!

MattS3281d ago

Really? A retailer defends something that benefits retailers? What incredible investigative journalism!

harrisk9543281d ago

Let's finish the quote:

"banning used gaming doesn’t make economic sense...


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

gamestop will lose when digital world takes over.

2pacalypsenow3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Not just Gamestop, Gamers will be forced to overpay for old games (COD $30) so in reality who wins here? the developers not the gamers and gamers should be more important than devs. and piracy will go up

BrianC62343281d ago

Banning used games of course makes no sense to Gamestop. They buy the games for almost nothing and sell them for almost as much as the new games. That's robbery. I hope people at least look around. You can probably find most of the games on sale for around $30. Just watch for sales.

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