Max Payne 3 DLC: FREE Disorganized Crime Pack Coming this August Plus Details on Future Packs

Rockstar Games writes: ""As mentioned earlier today, here's the latest update on our plans for Max Payne 3 DLC through the summer and fall. In addition to the FREE Disorganized Crime Pack coming this August, we've consolidated the content from the remaining five packs into three larger packs, with the content from the previously announced New York Minute Co-Op Pack and Trickle Down Economics Map Pack now spread across these upcoming releases. The Co-Op content originally planned for the New York Minute Pack has been integrated into the Deathmatch Made In Heaven Pack. Check out the full release schedule below"

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BigPete79783291d ago

I love the multiplayer in this game. I bought it at first for the single player campaign, but the multiplayer is what keeps me coming back.

shammgod3291d ago

I always love the customization in rockstar multiplayer. Makes me want to reach level 50 so I unlock all customizations. I am only level 23 now, but these new add ons will keep me coming back

ginsunuva3291d ago

Free dlc? So what about the season pass people?