The Ouya Debate: Who really wants indie gaming hardware?

Upstart indie game company Ouya has made serious waves with its self-titled game console. The under-development system wants to be an open gaming platform, built around freemium games running on Nvidia's Tegra3 platform. According to the project's popular Kickstarter page, the Ouya will cost $99, but won't be ready until at least March 2013. Despite the hype, there are some serious questions about whether the game industry can support another living room console, and whether gamers are looking for more set-top boxes to plug into their TVs.

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PhoenixianInfinity3281d ago

I'm all for Ouya... it's about time that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony got a bit more competition. Of course, a free-to-play model mixed with cloud services is good on paper, but in order for a game console to really be worth something, it needs to have the backs of developers and publishers. With Square Enix and OnLive on board though, I see Ouya being one of the major competitors of the Big 3.

ABizzel13281d ago

I'm for the Ouya and at $100 it's a great entry console for younger gamers. I think they need to have as much of the console flushed out as they can by Day 1 meaning, Online needs to be ready (for browser based games), games need to be there and organized (a flood of 1,000's of phone games is a turn off for many, so choose wisely for your launch), and they need to have demonstrations everywhere. The Ouya is suppose to be here early 2013 (If I remember correctly March 2013) and we haven't seen anything at E3, nor any mention of it at Gamescon, or TGS. These are the 3 biggest video game conferences in the world and you missed it. Onlive support is great, but where are the demos of the Ouya in action. Right now the Ouya is in Wii-U territory IMO, have no clue what's going on. Speaking of the Wii-U I think the Ouya is more a problem for Nintendo then Sony or MS, simply because parents have the option of getting kids a $100 console vs. the Wii-U. I hope the Wii-U succeeds, but coming out the gate it's going to have some STIFF competition.

PS3 and 360 should be $200 if not less, and nearly offer an equal experience to the Wii-U which is just now launching, meaning a small catalog of games and a $250+ launch price (most likely $299).

Now you have Ouya which pretty much has a huge library of games coming to it thanks to tablets and smartphones, as well as Onlive giving it decent 3rd party support, something Nintendo has lacked for the last 3 console generations. All this and it's only $100.

I expect The Wii-U and Ouya to do well, but they both need to do a lot more to sell me on them.

PhoenixianInfinity3281d ago

I agree with your points. Consoles are just too expensive nowadays; true, they've gone down quite a bit, but an early model of a PS3 cost close to half a grand when it first launched!

I'm in the middle in terms of the Wii U; on one hand, I'm a huge Nintendo fan and am sure that Nintendo will do some pretty cool things with it, but on the other, it's quite expensive (300 estimated for the console, a few more for additional controllers, and games will quickly add up).

In terms of Ouya, an additional controller will cost about 30-40 bucks, and games are either microtransaction-based, or have some available demo. I can kinda see why developers and publishers charge about 50 bucks for games; they've got large studios, and it takes quite a bit of time.

With this point, it's quite alright for them to charge that 50 bucks for the game, and maybe add on a bit of DLC, but anymore for games that are kinda just copy-and-paste *cough*Call of Duty*cough* is just way too much.

As for consoles... that could be a bit of a different story. Of course, the console itself is inflated since it goes through the cycle of development, manufacturing, and retail. A system that might cost about 100 bucks to make would technically force retailers to price it a bit higher just to make a profit. With Ouya, though, things are smaller, it's open sourced, and thus doesn't require that much money to form a console.

joeorc3281d ago

100% Agreement, though there is this statement from Sony that piqued my interest.

"Speaking to Digital Spy, Sony’s Kish Hirani said that they’d “love” to get PS Mobile onto the front-room console"

The fact that the Playstation Mobile platform API is already running on the TEGRA 2+ Chipset W/Android, it would not shock Me one bit seeing the OUYA get the Playstation Mobile certification!

ABizzel13281d ago


I'm really worried about Nintendo. I know the core are going to buy the console, and while I was hugely disappointed in the Wii, I'm actually looking forward to the Wii-U if it lives up to all the promises Nintendo made. I also need to see how online is being handled with the Wii-U, asl well as the console and the games.

At $299, you can't put a GEN 8 console out there which is still behind the PS3 and 360 in online, and expect to have great 3rd party support. Nowadays most games have either some form of co-op or competitive multiplayer, and if Nintendo wants the Call of Duty's (I agree with you on innovation in that franchise, or lack of), Battlefield's, Borderlands, Resident Evil, Dead Space, etc... then they need to have online up and running. There was a statement by them saying we're not trying to compete with MS and Sony's online offerings. But Mass Effect 3 is coming to the Wii-U, so is it not going to have online? There are too many question IMO concerning the Wii-U and it's coming out in under 4 months.

I'm all for the Ouya, but it has the same problems the Wii-U is having, but worse. They've shown nothing for a console that's coming out March 2013 (7 months). I guess there's still the VGA's, CES, and GDC but why miss out on E3, Gamescon, and TGS. They could have at least had a demo console there as well to get some attention, because right now I only have the image of android games running on it (even though I know they have OnLive support, some 3rd party support, and Browser games which are on par with current gen consoles).

I don't want any console to fail, but I'm not going to support a platform that doesn't prove it's worth my money. The Ouya I'm willing to take a chance on, because it's only $100, it's open source, and it runs on a F2P model which as I said is perfect for a starter console. The Wii-U is really up in the air right now, not to mention the PS4 and Nextbox will be demonstrating true next gen quality when they launch likely late 2013 (and they have their work cut out for them as well), and even worse if they do make a Playbox 1, then the entire core audience will be there day 1.

Not downing anything, just a worried gamer :D, but I agree with you as well, I'm all for Ouya, but the console market is about to get really hectic for one of these companies, and I don't want to see any of them fail. PS4, Nextbox, Wii-U, Ouya, and possibly Apple (I hope not) are all vying for gamers attention, and with so many choices someones bound to lose.

ABizzel13281d ago


I could see PSMobile on Ouya, but I wouldn't hold my breath simply because, they are now competing with Sony for the living room. It's more money in Sony's pocket, but at the same time, it's giving PlayStation games to a non PlayStation console, and if that happens they might as well give PSMobile to Wii-U and Nextbox, which could lead to dropping out of the console market and becoming a game publisher only (which I have mixed feelings about).

That's why the MS and Sony rumor is something I kind of hope comes true, simply because that's one less console I have to buy, the majority of their libraries are the same games, over 50% of the fanboy war would instantly die, 3rd party exclusives would return since developers have to focus only on one console version, Sony could make the console and obtain those profits, MS could manage the Online a hybrid between XBL and PS+, etc... There are so many positives that the only true negative is the price of the console and games could be charged at a premium and take longer to lower, since there'll only be 1 "core console". But in the end that's still better than spending $400 and 2 separate consoles, and worrying about which games to buy so you can play with friends on both (that annoys me like no other).



AMD Steamroller APU / Intel i7 Quad/8 Core CPU
HD 7950 or higher / GTX660Ti or higher
8GB RAM or more
XBL meets PS+


A beastly console, that all gamers can love, with all your favorite games in one place. Uncharted, Gears, God of War, Resistance, Halo, Killzone, Forza, GT, Fable, inFamous, etc... and full 3rd party support. That would be my perfect gaming console.

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Fyflin3281d ago

I'm actually keeping a close eye on this, it's certainly piqued my interest.

If nothing else I hope it impacts the big three next gen, more specifically MS and Sony. Hopefully it will level the playing field a little.

ChunkyLover533281d ago

For $99, I'm going to buy one. I'm not going to buy it with the intention of replacing any of my consoles or anything like that. Its not a go-to thing for me. I only do console gaming, don't even own a tablet or smartphone, so this is a chance to see some of those types of games on a television.

joeorc3281d ago

this was running to the HDTV from :

what's even better and the OUYA even though its cheaper is:

The Tegra 3 that's in the OUYA is the exact same High end Tegra 3 the T33 that is in this tablet

spec's of the cpu and GPU direct on the die

Model number : Tegra 3 T33
Semiconductor technology: 40 nm LPG by TSMC
CPU instruction set: ARMv7
CPU: 1.6 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 (up to 1.7 GHz in single-core mode)
CPU Cache: L1: 32 KB instruction + 32 KB data, L2: 1 MB
GPU: 520 MHz ULP GeForce
Memory technology: 32-bit single-channel 1600 MHz DDR332-bit

ChunkyLover533281d ago

I'm really not into tablets, I like the idea of OUYA because it is supposed to connect and work with HD tv's. Its not something I'll use often, but the hackable thing sounds interesting to me.

Maybe I'll be able to put SNES, Genesis, N64 emulators or something on it?

joeorc3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

what i was showing is what Shadowgun Looks like running on the Tegra 3 T33 Chip on a 42" HDTV.

that Tablet and the OUYA has the exact same CPU and GPU..that is what the game would look like running on the OUYA hooked upto a 42" HDTV