Konami’s Cheat To Get Around A Silly Nintendo Rule

Did you know that, before 1993, Nintendo of America had a rule that limited the number of games a publisher could release on one of it systems?

Yup. In a calendar year a publisher, or “licensee”, could only release five games. No more. It was a rule with its heart in the right place: the great video game crash of 1983 had been largely brought about by a flood of cheap titles, so by seeking to limit the number of games a company could release, Nintendo was trying to avoid the same thing happening again.

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RyuX193282d ago

Well ain't that sumthin'

Qrphe3282d ago

It might've been silly in the 90s but it earned Nintendo top place (and Japan's) in the video game industry.

Unfortunately Nintendo's strictness with third-party devs cost it its place as leading console seller during the mid 90s.

insomnium23282d ago

LOL I never knew that. Great read.

DivineAssault 3282d ago

This should happen to this day.. Maybe more quality titles would be on the market annually... Maybe since its so expensive to develop for nx gen, it will make dev teams really make their products right rather than risk throwing out a half a$$ title n try to fix it later...