Star Wars: The Old Republic to Add Free to Play Options

BioWare™, a Label of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA), announced today that it will be expanding the story-driven, massively multiplayer online game Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by adding a new Free-to-Play option this fall. This option will give players access to each of the eight iconic Star Wars character class storylines, all the way up to level 50, with certain restrictions*. Unlimited game access, including new higher-level game content and new features, will be made available through individual purchases or through a subscription option

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zeal0us3291d ago

It was bound to happen after subscription numbers started to dwindle.

silvacrest3291d ago

no MMO can survive the subscription only based model, i dont even think WoW has long left since its numbers are going down

pompombrum3291d ago

Lolwhat? WoW has consistently kept over 10m people paying monthly for ages. That game isn't going f2p for a very very long time. The fact that over 10m people are happy to continue to pay a monthly subscription fee says that people are willing to pay monthly for an MMO if it's good enough.. sadly SWTOR isn't and has the lifespan of a good 40 hour+ RPG.

hellvaguy3291d ago

"no MMO can survive the subscription only based model"

I kinda think the opposite is true. Free based mmos dont bleed money so they are either very stale with no new content, go bankrupt, or have started charging to pay for in game items.

Chrono3291d ago

No P2P MMO can survive unless it's at least half as popular as WoW.

Mainsqueeze3291d ago

Yeah WoW isn't going free to play for a very long time if ever. They are still 10mil strong like breeze said plus right now its at the end of an xpac cycle when subs start to drop any ways. Once pandaria comes out subs will prob increase a little then decline a little after a while like always.

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pompombrum3291d ago

Eight months into one of the most hyped MMOs of all time and it's already going f2p..

EA Games - Ruin Everything

mananimal3291d ago

Exactly, you would think by now these greedy developers would understand that, Dont let EA buy you out!!!, Bioware is a SHELL of its former self. Should have done like Respawn, or Bungie with Activision, sign a Partnership ONLY deal, that way you maintain the Integrity & Creative Vision, along with ownership of your IP.

Gambit_the_White3291d ago

I don't get why people hate this game so much. I've been playing it since before release (beta testing, plus early access) and I absolutely love it. One of my favorite games. I'm happy to pay the monthly subscribtion fee, and I'll definitely continue doing so.

rdgneoz33291d ago

Probably the hate is from all the promises that were made and how long it took some of them / others never happening. Them saying they weren't gonna copy WoW, but a ton of abilities are copy and pasted from WoW (look at the Sith Warrior's abilities vs some of the WoW Warrior's abilities).

Copying of the transmog gear and rated BGs from WoW (though DCUO had transmog gear when it first released and GW2 announced they were gonna have it a while ago even before WoW announced it). I did like the dungeon group finder that they finally put in since it took forever at times to find people for them originally.

Them saying its not very heroic for a bunch of heroes to be beating on one enemy, which became most boss battles.

Brasi823291d ago

The whole Genre is going F2P. The only ones who can get away with pure subscription is those who have established members who will pay to keep what they have accomplished. I'm glad that they went the way of player choice. I can see the viability of paying for the sub and for the F2P model. All in all it's only going to help the game. I look forward to it. F2P would have saved SWG if they chose that route.