A Small Start For The Big New 3DS Won't Hurt Nintendo

GamesIndustry- One year, four months and four days after the launch of the tiny original, Nintendo's 3DS XL arrived in the UK on Saturday. It was, as Chart-Track pointed out for trivia nerds, only the second weekend console launch to take place on these shores, the other being N64, which hit on March 1st 1997.

But 15 years on from pioneering 3D gameplay in Mario 64, Nintendo's promised glasses-free 3D revolution has fallen so flat even its president now refers to it as a "minor" feature.

XL, then, comes at a critical time in the young platform's life, its momentum in the West faltering again - it's been "weak" this year, acknowledges Iwata - following an earlier revival propelled by last summer's emergency price cut.

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TheSuperior 3282d ago

I have a 3DS and now i want a 3DS XL... what to do what to do haha I may just end up with two idk x)