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With the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron back in 2010, High Moon Studios established themselves as a developer that truly ‘gets‘ the Transformers license, and gave it the respect and care it deserved. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel many of us have been waiting for since then. A short, playable demo hit Xbox Live earlier today, and I jumped at the chance to check it out.

Will Fall of Cybertron live up to the hype after it’s top-quality predecessor? If this demo is anything to go by, it may just.

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TheSuperior 3291d ago

I hear a lot of people are looking forward to this and really it has been under my radar for a while. I think its time i start looking into it to see if its a game i would like :)

TitanUp3291d ago

after i get dishonored,darksiders 2,borderlands 2,guild wars 2 i will see about transformers and dark souls.

AusGamer3291d ago

Yeah the first game was awesome. I've just been replaying it recently on hard to brush up on the story and its alot of fun. The only thing that I hope is that the next game has a little more variety in enemies. High Moon Studios used alot of the same transformer classes as enemies for both Autobot and Decepticon campaigns, just with different colours (red for Autobots and purple for Decepticons). Other then that its great. The multiplayer is fun as well. I prefer it to traditional multiplayer shooters because of the many options that being a transformer presents.

Plus, you should be able to find it for pretty cheap now, seeing as the next one is going to be released soon. :-)

BX813290d ago

This series is what rocksteady is to batman. It completely brings it back on it's feet. It's for sure on my radar.

Captain Qwark 93290d ago

agreed. i played the first and was pleasantly surprised by its quality. looked forward to this one, not hugely anticipated becuase it is activision so i expected it to be solid at best, but still wanted to play it.

gave the demo a shot and holy sh*t. game is near perfect imo. the campaign levels were crazy fun, story seems like it will be good and for once, i tps multiplayer is actually good, really good. graphics are very good but could be a little better, the usual texture loading issues associated with the unreal engine are present here but otherwise it looks great. overall a must buy.

the only issue with it is that it releases only a week after darksiders 2 which is without question my most anticipated game this year. however as soon as i finish DS2 this is most certainly my next game.

BX813288d ago

I've never played dark siders. My bro said it's a really good game. I think I might pick it up this weekend.

leogets3290d ago

played the demo. i was gutted when i see the unreal engine logo.low and behold the game sucks fucking balls,visuals r ps2,jaggies,blury,total shit.deleted it after first 5 mins of bumblebee game play. utter meant to be looking better,not going backwards ffs