Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Interview

An interview with senior producer Jonathan Zamkoff

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goretooth4378d ago

this is looking like a good game, cant say off the top of my head that pandemic have actually made anything bad :).

Can anyone tell me which is the lead platform for this?

Also, it could be just me but the interview seems a bit old, although the games been delayed it seems that there talking about new ideas e.g. 4th char and online multilayer which should have been implemented a while ago.

anyway i enjoyed the first one, lets hope this is a corker. And lets hope they can get it done soon so they can start working on a new SW: battlefront

AngryHippo4378d ago

....this game is looking good. I think the PS3 version is the lead platform, but i'm not 100% on this, but i think the PS3 version was in development first and then the 360 version was announced afterwards.

Delt44378d ago

wow this game has come a long ways sense the original. I loved the first one though i did only play it on the xbox.

Angryhippo i also heard it had ps3 as its lead platform hopefully its crossed over well i would hate to see another game that gets crossed over to another platform and be missing half the game. That has happened to much going both ways. I love both console's so either way i wont be upset i will just get it for one or the other.