The Death (and Future?) Of Twisted Metal

David Jaffe- "I wanted to respond here on the blog as I get the 'what is the future of Twisted Metal' question often enough (which is a really nice question to get cause it means the series still has fans!) that it seemed best to put my quick thoughts all in one place. So here's my take on Twisted Metal's future."

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TheSuperior 3283d ago

I love love love Twisted Metal :) one of my personal favorite PS3 games theres just not a lot of games out there like it!

3283d ago
Whitefeather3283d ago

I'd like a horror style game staring Sweet-tooth. You'd be playing the killer though so no scares for you.

detroitmademe3283d ago

id like a sweettooth horror game or movie also,hes probably my fav playstation character.i guess u guys know who ill be mastering when Playstation All-Stars comes out..Im gonna get me a sweettooth shirt made,just gotta find the right picture though.

AgreeFairy3283d ago

The last Twisted Metal game killed any hope of another one. If for some reason it does get another game then expect Sweet Tooth to be Asian and Indian Pop Music as well as anything else that makes the game not feel like Twisted Metal. They may even go the extra mile and remove more characters and get rid of any story elements they may be left.

detroitmademe3283d ago

id love to see another TM but only if jaffe has a hand in it.I remember when Jaffe left the first time and though Twisted Metal 3(ps1) wasnt bad.Everyone after that sucked.

BanditGamer3283d ago

There was so much excitement for this when it was rumoured and then announced and then. . .nothing. A shame.

Ben_Grimm3283d ago

Yea, people were over hyped for this game but the demo they showed over and over and over again seemed underwhelming and didn't impress me personally.

Then when it finally dropped, poof, nothing.

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