Inside DICE: New Tweets from the Battlefield

The Official Battlefield Blog - Alan Kertz is the Core Gameplay Designer behind a lot of great in-depth blog posts published here at the Battlefield Blog. In this new episode of “Inside DICE”, he takes more of your tweeted questions and answers them personally. Keep the questions coming here on the blog (or send them to @battlefield) and we’ll do more round-ups like this.

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rufusman913283d ago

Screw the M1911 S-Tac, I want the silenced magnum with a flashlight.

sovietsoldier3283d ago

yes the famas needs a buff so does the scar h.

Hufandpuf3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

The famas needs an accuracy boost, but that's it. The bullets go everywhere and it's only useful at point blank range.

alexmac3282d ago

dice is screwy, i tell you...