Top 5 Reasons Why Darksiders II Should Be On Your Radar

"The follow-up to sleeper hit Darksiders, THQ’s Darksiders II looks to build on the legacy of the first game by expanding the game’s universe as it follows the exploits of War’s brother Death as he tries to uncover the truth behind the accidental apocalypse War was wrongly accused of.

So why should this game be something you’re excited about?" -Cassidee from

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versusALL3282d ago

It was on my radar since the ending of Darksiders.

Anon19743282d ago

I should dust Darksiders off and give it another try. I liked it, then I simply hit a boss I couldn't get past, then another game in my stack of unplayed games started calling my name and I put Darksiders aside and haven't popped it in again for over a year. I probably should as I borrowed it from a friend and should give it back eventually. :)

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Stretch3282d ago

The other two horsemen better make an appearance. There doesn't have to be a Darksiders 3 or 4....but still.

ApolloTheBoss3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

It was already confirmed that both Fury and Strife will appear sometime in Darksiders 2.

joab7773282d ago

I can't wait. I want to play it so bad but I have so many games to catch up on.

Tikicobra3282d ago

I still need to beat the first one.

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