New Ubisoft PS2 Classic, Sonic Adventure 2 Rated By The ESRB

In the latest wave of ESRB ratings, it has been revealed that a brand new PS2 Classic is on the way (either today or next Tuesday) and Sonic Adventure 2 gets a full rating by the ESRB.

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Kyosuke_Sanada3284d ago

-coughs- Dreamcast! -coughs-

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Sidewinder-3284d ago

Hanging on the edge of tomorrow!

Rikuson13284d ago

LIVE AND LEARN! from the works of yesterday!

Skate-AK3284d ago

Man I thought I read they were making a HD version of this. Also it's SEGA not Ubisoft.

DarkHeroZX3284d ago

HAHA! take that Nintendo lol

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