How the new Game Genie lets you hack your PS3 saves

The newest, PS3-based incarnation of the Game Genie doesn’t share much of a lineage with the original line of similarly named, cartridge-based cheat devices nearly ubiquitous in the 8- and 16-bit eras; manufacturer Hyperkin picked up the rights to the name when Galoob’s original trademark recently lapsed. It doesn’t share exactly the same functionality as its namesake either. While the old Game Genies actively patched the ROM code being loaded from the game cartridge, the PS3 Game Genie is actually just a computer program that lets you decode and modify PS3 save files stored on a standard USB stick.

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PixL3290d ago

"That kind of hunting can even unlock things that the developer had probably intended to remain totally hidden, as Hyperkin found out for itself when it unlocked a previously unknown “god mode” in the save file for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. “It was probably a god mode that was built-in and probably left in for the developers, I guess, to give to magazines for reviews and things like that,” Beckett said. “That's something they probably never expected us to find it, but we have found it and we've unlocked it."

That sad true about gaming portals and their reviews.

killerhog3290d ago

Ah who didn't know game reviewers used cheats? Ign pretty much admitted it a while back. They usually get a press version that has things like unlimited ammo, infinite life, god mode etc.. It's why I don't go by reviews, especially the ones that bitch about being easy or too short, hm I wonder why? Of course it's gonna be easy/short if you're using cheats.

Lucreto3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

My only fear now is Sony reacts to it by copy protecting all its saves and gives us more cloud space to compensate.

I doubt they will do it so last in the generation but I wouldn't put it past them either.

Edit: They might be able to do anything if the Game-Genie case with Nintendo that is mentioned in the article.

Somebody3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

A couple of years ago a friend asked me which game platform he should buy. I recommended the PS3 for him since he is a big Gran Turismo fan back during the PS2 era and he was asking about GT5.

A couple of minutes later I saw him tinkering something on a writing pad. Something like the one in this article's screenshot. Wow, he hasn't made up his mind whether to buy a PS3 but in just mere minutes he already downloaded a sample save file and busy decrypting the codes manually.

bub163290d ago

does this mean people can hack trophies now ? :(

i dont really understand this thing. why dont you just use a normal usb and do it all yourself

3290d ago
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