Have We Seen The Last Of Twisted Metal?

Eat Sleep Play’s Twisted Metal series holds the crown as the longest-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise. First released for the PS1 seventeen years ago, the hectic vehicular combat game starring a homicidal clown has sold over 15 million copies to date.

However, the newest installment to the series, and the very first version of the game released for the PS3, could be the last according to co-director, David Jaffe.

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Jio2297d ago

No, please let there be a Twisted Metal game on the VITA. I want to destroy people online as Sweet Tooth on the go.

Septic2296d ago

Can't believe that man. Such a shame that this might be the last TM game.

Remember Vigilante 8? That was such a fun game I can't believe there hasn't been a sequel.

Sad times.

black9112296d ago

I pyrchased the game new at best buy. But sadly it has sold just alittle over 500,000. Like a majority of other games this gen that arent shooters.

StreetsofRage2296d ago

Another one of my favorite franchises destroyed by the ps3. Twisted Metal for the ps3 just plain sucks. :(

First SOCOM and now this??? What are you doing Sony???? :(

nevin12296d ago

"First SOCOM and now this??? What are you doing Sony????"

Trying to appeal to the COD crowd?

Anyway, when this was 1st revealed at E3 2010, I was not impress. I also later found out that this game was orginally attended to be a PSN only game and it it showed from videos I seen.

I thought the demo was a disaster which resulted turn offs from potential buyers.

Isn't the game still having online server issues?

BX812296d ago

Idk. I played the demo and was felt like the game was lame. I'm not sure if the final product was better. Actually the last game like that for me was bulletstorm. The demo didn't do the game justice.

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