Medal of Honor: Warfighter - New Screenshots

Danger Close and EA have released several new screenshots from the upcoming sequel to 2010′s Medal of Honor reboot, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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erivera19943280d ago

If its gonna focus about the human side of the soldiers and them intereacting with families back home, idk something tells me this is gonna be a sad and emotional campaign something different in FPS story modes, Therefore I cant wait to play it!

MattyG3280d ago

The end of the last one was pretty emotional, so I'm expecting this to have a sad, emotional campaign too.

TheRealTedCruz3280d ago

It was the same with Medal Of Honor 2010's campaign.

Part of the reason why I appreciated that game so much. It wasn't just another 'Go 'Merica' wank-fest.

MattyG3280d ago

Merica! F*** yeah! Comin again to save the muthaf***in day yeah! Yup thats definitely not MOH 2010 (thank god)

Straightupbeastly3280d ago

Looks like they're trying to sell the graphics, even though I'm sure those are bullshots

Skate-AK3280d ago

Highly doubt it. Frostbite 2 is a beast of an engine and this is probably from a high end PC.

DeadlyFire3279d ago

64-bit + DirectX 11 looks like this. Just buy a quality PC and go try it out.

Hufandpuf3280d ago

Those face shots look incredible