NEW F1 VIDEO 5 Minutes

Jaw Dropping! However the video quality is not very good in this streaming version, for a better look you can download a higher quality version at

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DJ5917d ago

So when is this coming out? I totally want this game; definitely some of the most impressive graphics I've seen. Been a big F1 fan for a while, and this'll probably fix my need for speed.

It looks like damage was turned off in the demo though. Seeing cars smash and fall apart in the trailer was the best part. (And i can imagine online players just smashing each other up for fun).

BIadestarX5917d ago (Edited 5917d ago )

I like the graphics for this game. The water effect looks realistic.
"It looks like damage was turned off in the demo though." DJ Can you show me a link that indicates that this is true? If I'm not mistaken Ridge Race and GT don't have damage. How do you know that this game it's not the same way? Why would they turn it off when it would be one of the coolest things?

kmis875917d ago

All the other trailers showed damage. Maybe thats what the developers are still working on? Just speculating.

specialguest5917d ago (Edited 5917d ago )

wow, this game has a truely amazing weather effect, from the wind blowing the rain against the windshield to the spray of the water. the video was not even a direct feed! i will look forward to seeing this game be displayed in person.

i recommend watching the HD version to get the full visual goodness of this gameplay:

DC RID3R5917d ago

F1 is the one that has most impressed me!!!
the wheather effects and graphics in general are quite stunning, and the step-up from last-gen to next-gen has been a good transition.

my only slight doubts are the actual top game speed(apart from rr7 most racing games for ps3 seem slow),and the lack of true immersion due to the lack of rumble.

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