Sony: Publishing Models Must Change

The massive growth of digital distribution brought two facts into sharp focus: The way we access games has completely changed, and it's absolutely terrifying to traditional publishers and retailers. When a game developer can self-publish their game online, keep their intellectual property, and take a larger cut of game sales, it forces the question of whether publishers are relevant at all. This question was front and center at a Casual Connect panel last week, where various publishers, including casual newcomer Sony, were giving suggestions on how developers could approach them to greenlight projects. During the Q&A, Finish industry veteran Jussi Laakkonen angrily took the microphone to state that the panelists weren't doing enough to represent developers and games in today's gaming marketplace.

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paddystan3283d ago

Do you hear this movie industry!?!?

SilentNegotiator3283d ago, they're already there.

LAZL0-Panaflex3283d ago

Streaming membership $10 unlimited games

chasegarcia3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

One should get a publisher is if one needs more money & expertise in exchange for some rights to the product. A publisher is still relevant just less needed nowadays.

Honest_gamer3283d ago

sony 1st you should stop putting new games on psn for £50 when they are £40 out of the shops, downlaoded games SHOULD be cheaper as there no cost such as manuals, the cheap plasict for the cases, the disks, etc,

JBSleek3283d ago

You beat me to it. I saw Battlefield 3 for full price and it is the end of July. Really?

Honest_gamer3283d ago

yep it's only £30 on amazon atm should be £25/£30 from psn and xbl, last time i looked on psn there was quite a few games for £50 havent been on my ps3 in the last couple of months mainly on the pc now, and steam have it right imo

Heavenly King3283d ago

the price depends on the publishers of the games and not on Sony. If you are referring to sony developed games,then you have a valid point.

Honest_gamer3283d ago

ok i'll give you that, the price is up to the devs, however let me rephrase my original statment to Sony should have RULES for pricing, a new game should be 15/20% CHEAPER if on the psn than the current store price :D also i want to make it CLEAR thought im signaling out sony, this also goes to all digital games its saying sony and psn is less typing than microsoft and xbl lol (yes im that lazy)

hkgamer3283d ago

Publishers are important because they are the connection to the retail stores. A good connection allows them to get more orders.
Publishers also help advertise the product by having a bigger budget, PR expertise etc...

So Publishers are still needed.

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