Halo 4 Limited Edition: New Images Revealed

Brand new images of Halo 4 Limited Edition have surfaced online.

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otherZinc3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

2 copies day 1!
That's for co-op with my kids of course.

Glitch1003280d ago

Can't wait. The game can sit proudly inbetween Noble Team, and my Halo 3 Master Chief Helmet :3 .

<3 Halo

MoreConsole3280d ago

Me too man. I love adding to my Halo library.

Glitch1003280d ago

Halo fans ftw.
Btw, is your site just blogger?

AngelicIceDiamond3280d ago

MS is spoiling us with pre-order content thank you!! Is the first copy the game and the second is the bonus content?

TotalSynthesisX3280d ago

I saw that too. Maybe 343i is splitting Halo 4 into a two-disc game? One for Campaign, other for Multiplayer?

inb4 Sony fanboy pulls the "LOL U NEED TWO DISCS CUZ XBOX NO HAS BLU-RAY LOLOLOL" card

Balcrist3280d ago

One disk is the game itself with all its components, the second disk is the full 90 minutes of Forward Unto Dawn.

m233280d ago

No idea what your source is, but its been confirmed FUD will not be on disc with the LE version of Halo 4. It will either be streamed on Waypoint or downloadable, it will be sold separately on disc.

TheCatsMeow3280d ago

Whether you plan on getting the game itself or the Limited Edition, they both come with 2 discs, one for the campaign, and the other for War Games and Spartan Ops, similiar to what Battlefield 3 did for the xbox. I'm sure the Limited Edition comes with a third disc for all the Forward Unto Dawn content.

m233280d ago

FUD not on disc with LE version of Halo 4. It will be sold separately on disc. LE buyers will stream or download it.