Found Footage of Zombie Outbreak Looks A Lot Like Left 4 Dead

Footage has been found in Savannah, Georgia of three individuals who were trying to escape the zombie infected area. By all accounts, they did not survive.

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Chippydip3282d ago

was never a l4d fan at all, partly because i own a ps3, partly because i thought the graphics and gameplay were inferior but this definitely makes me want to play some survival horror

konnerbllb3282d ago

Pokeneon7, are you having a stroke? I don't understand the point you are trying to make.

Chippydip3279d ago

my original comment said "Graphics AND gameplay were inferior". I would understand one sucking for the sake of the other, but when BOTH fail, the game fails. And your comment fails

Eyeco3282d ago

Did you even play L4D? What do you mean by inferior gameplay? Inferior to what?

Chippydip3279d ago

inferior to half life survival horror mods, any other FPS that uses a decent engine. inferior in just about every way to every other game. L4D is neither a unique experience nor does it blow any of its competitors out of the water. in any regard

ABizzel13282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Your loss. Left 4 Dead is one of the best co-op experiences this generation. Not really horror, bu still a really fun game.

Hufandpuf3280d ago

That's no excuse, just about any PC in the last 6 years can run L4D on Steam, so you having a PS3 doesn't mean anything.

Chippydip3279d ago

i don't use my pc for games

Treian3280d ago

The PC version is the best. The free dlc, community maps, and unlimited mods makes it have amazing repay value.

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Pokeneon73282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Can't reply directly so yay, my point should of been easily understood elsewhere on the internet. Guess some of you N4Gtards on here can't, but I won't put it against you. ;D You don't judge a game based on it's graphics, unless it literally makes the game unplayable.

WitWolfy3282d ago

Lets say it is a L4D CLONE then lets hope they add more then just 4 campaigns like VALVE did.. Made the game feel so short and unfinished IMO. Cant believe console owners bought this game for $60 and having to shell out extra just to get the expansions where the PC players go it for free.... FFFFUUUUU MS!!!!!

r213282d ago

damn, that was intense. it'd be awesome if L4D3 went in this kind of direction instead of just a zombie shootfest. one such game would be that ZombiU game :D

chukamachine3282d ago

I'm making a video called


It's about 3 kids who sit down to play L4D and the console rrod's.

They are then Bored to death.

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