5 Reasons Far Cry 3 already wins November

Clickonline writes "Death by tiger is a more common occurrence in Far Cry 3 than one expects. Arguably because gamers traditionally expect exactly zero such occurrences. But these caged felines can be released, eagerly mauling the flesh in closest proximity.

They can even be set aflame, for added ferocity. And eventual demise. We don’t normally condone that, but if el Tigre bears down on you, it’s time to cook a bitch!"

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Whitefeather3285d ago

In the US it comes out in December oh and Hitman says hi.

ArchangelMike3284d ago

Yeah, I've pre-ordered both Hitman and FarCry3, but tbh, I know I'll probably be playing Farcry3 (multiplayer) long after Hitman.

Whitefeather3284d ago

If the MP is the same as 2 count me out.

Son_Lee3285d ago

Say what you will, but speaking for business, nothing will sell more than Black Ops II. Doesn't mean it'll be the best game of the month, though.

MySwordIsHeavenly3284d ago

I don't know. I really don't expect much out of this team after FarCry 2.

Fishy Fingers3284d ago

I don't know, I think FC3 was technically great, it did a lot of things really well, just suffered from a few poor design ideas.

Wizziokid3284d ago

it's one of the biggest games this year for me, hands down. can't wait to play however it will have to pull me away from GW2

Disco Downey3284d ago

FarCry 2 was a complete travesty of a game. 0 interest in this

Wizziokid3284d ago

agreed 2 was bad but 1 was amazing, I suggest you check it out if you haven't

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