HAZE: Free Radical & Ubisoft Speak on Delay

onAXIS: "If you haven't heard, HAZE was delayed for the around sixth time a few days back.

The head of the HAZE game project spoke on the delay.

"It's not something we do lightly. Everyone at FRD and Ubisoft is more than aware of the fans on here and how patiently people have waited for the game and we would like nothing more to put out the finished game right now.

"But that's the thing of it - the game isn't finished. There's still some things we'd like to polish and refine, and while it may seem like we're ignoring you guys by delaying it, it's precisely *because* of you guys that the delay has happened - because we want to make sure the game is as good as it can be when you finally get your hands on it."

They confirmed that HAZE still remains an exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3 as well.

"A Ubisoft rep has denied the game will be heading to any other platform, reaffirming that HAZE remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive - when it will actually hit stores is still to be announced.""

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TheHater4375d ago

I waited too long for this game. I just cancel my preorder of this game, and put it toward Resistance 2. But I hope the make a hell of a game, and I hope many individuals will enjoy it. I might change my mind once it is release.

PSWe604375d ago

I'm with you, I'm gong to cancel my pre-order today after work, the Hell with HAZE and Ubisoft. F*ckin' liars

Crazyglues4375d ago

I too have canceled my pre-order and have decided to go with Killzone 2, so I'm done with this game, but I really doubt the reason for the delay was for them to make the game better, more likely they just ran into a coding problem, because what can you really do with this limited amount of time that would really make the game that much better.

But I hope your right and they make a good game for People to enjoy. I am now looking forward to these, and I don't think I have room for anything else,

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Grand Theft Auto IV
Gran Turismo: 5 Prologue
Killzone 2

Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5
Battlefield: Bad Company
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
Mafia II
Left 4 Dead
Alan Wake
Bionic Commando
Gears Of War 2

I think that's enough games for 2008 for me... What's 2008 looking like for anyone else?

original seed4375d ago

Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5
Battlefield: Bad Company
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
Mafia II
Left 4 Dead
Alan Wake
Fable ( if it makes it )
Gears Of War 2
Halo Wars
Too Human

Little Big Planet
and then i'll wait and see....Im not a big MGS fan or Driving buff

P.S why would you choose GTA4 for the PS3 over the 360? Just wondering.

jaja14344375d ago

No mention of Dead Space. :(

SoulReaper4375d ago

A lot of games you listed on the 360 side that is multi-platform..I hope they announce some exclusive games for the 360 soon.. I just don't pay for LIVE anymore..

barom4375d ago

yeah HAZE is off my radar too. But that's not to say I'm not gonna get if/when it gets released. It's more like I'm gonna put my focus on some other games until I hear something fascinating about HAZE.

jaja14344375d ago

I swear every time I mention Dead Space someone disagrees with me, and I have yet to figure out why.

-SIXAXIS-4375d ago

I'm getting it for PS3 because it most likely will have superior lighting and textures as well as no framerate problems. I think that Rockstar are amazing developers and can code for the PS3 easily to make it as good as or better than the 360 version (kind of what they did with Call of Duty 4 and Burnout(Both really good developers)).

Crazyglues4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

I'm going with PS3 for GTAIV because I have always played GTA 3 vice city and san andreas on PS2 so just staying loyal to the playing experience I've always known. I'm use to the control feel and stuff on PS2 so just thought might as well stay with PS3.

I played GTA 3 when they brought it over to xbox but I just didn't like the feel of it.

And while I'm sure they will improve all that and it will be great on both systems, I'm going to lean towards PS3 because of the way they do lighting and texture, if done right it really does look amazing on my HD plasma.

And I'm not worried about the extra content as I have yet to finish a GTA game all the way though.... I get half way and then the game just turns into seeing how long I can run people over in my car and not get caught by police... LoL

(which reminds me I still haven't finished GTA San-andreas)

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IzKyD13314375d ago

and to think, there was a possibility that we could have had our hands on this game many months ago, *sigh* i guess its for the best

powerslide4375d ago

i don't know about you but i prefer to wait and get it perfect

ruibing4375d ago

I just think they are running in danger of being overshadowed by MGS4 and Killzone 2.

marinelife94375d ago

They're probably looking at some of the games that are getting released on PS3 this year and realize their product isn't quite up to standard yet. If Haze is supposed to be in the same AAA league as a Resistance 2 then they have some more work to do.

Afterburn4375d ago

this game could have filled a gap between people burned out on COD4 and the time before RFOM2 and KZ2 hit. sad to see they're trying to put extra effort into it and it has to compete with such huge titles in the future. maybe a sleeper hit?

Jamegohanssj54375d ago

Give us a demo of the unpolished things and I will see how things go from there.

TheHater4375d ago

wait, wasn't we suppose to get a demo of this game? where the hell is it?

-SIXAXIS-4375d ago

Oh yeah! I forgot about the demo.

Bubble Buddy4375d ago

You lost Ubisoft, Resistacne 2 and Killzone 2 are coming...

judd4375d ago

Resist Acne 2. The new acne medication from the people that brought you Proactiv.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Anyway, yeah I agree. If this comes out at the same time as Resistance 2 or Killzone 2, this will definitely be a game that I will wait to get it until the price drops.

AngryHippo4375d ago that made me laugh, bubbles for you, first post to do that on this site.

Bubble Buddy4374d ago

haha nice dude, bubble for both of you guys, my keyboard sucks ....>.>