UK Software sales charts Week 4 Burnout Paradise Beat out by Mario and Sonic

01 (01) [WII] Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (Sega)
02 (__) [360] Burnout Paradise (Electronic Arts)
03 (__) [PS3] Burnout Paradise (Electronic Arts)
04 (06) [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo)
05 (02) [NDS] Dr Kawashima's Brain Training (Nintendo)
06 (05) [360] Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
07 (03) [NDS] More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima (Nintendo)
08 (07) [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
09 (13) [PS3] Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
10 (14) [WII] Link's Crossbow Training (Nintendo)
11 (12) [WII] Ghost Squad (Sega)
12 (04) [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo)
13 (09) [WII] Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Nintendo)
14 (__) [WII] Ratatouille (Thq)
15 (08) [NDS] Cooking Mama (505 Games)
16 (10) [360] Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
17 (11) [PS3] Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
18 (23) [WII] Carnival: Funfair Games (Take 2)
19 (17) [WII] Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros Treasure (Capcom)
20 (16) [NDS] Sight Training (Nintendo)
21 (19) [NDS] The Simpsons Game (Electronic Arts)
22 (15) [WII] Mario Party 8 (Nintendo)
23 (20) [PS3] Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Sony Computer Ent.)
24 (__) [WII] Donkey Kong: Jet Race (Nintendo)
25 (22) [PC] Football Manager 2008 (Sega)
26 (24) [360] Halo 3 (Microsoft)
27 (__) [NDS] 42 All-time Classics (Nintendo)
28 (__) [NDS] Scrabble Interactive: 2007 Edition (Ubisoft)
29 (21) [NDS] Mario Kart Ds (Nintendo)
30 (28) [WII] Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Lucasarts)
31 (39) [WII] Sonic And The Secret Rings (Sega)
32 (32) [360] Guitar Hero Iii: Legends Of Rock (Activision)
33 (25) [360] Mass Effect (Microsoft)
34 (29) [NDS] My Word Coach (Ubisoft)
35 (27) [WII] Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08 (Electronic Arts)
36 (31) [360] Forza Motorsport 2 (Microsoft)
37 (__) [NDS] Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (Nintendo)
38 (__) [WII] Cooking Mama (505 Games)
39 (33) [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Konami)
40 (18) [NDS] Imagine: Babies (Ubisoft)

Titles per platform :
WII - 15
NDS - 12
360 - 7
PS3 - 5
PC - 1

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4379d ago

Released on Xbox 360 and PS3 ‘Burnout Paradise’ sales are relatively evenly split between the two formats (53% Xbox 360 and 47% PS3), topping both charts. Nintendo’s formats (Wii, DS) retain an All Formats Top 10 presence thanks to ‘Wii Play’ rising from No10 to No4 and the brain training games refusing to drop out with the original down one place to No5 and the sequel down 5 places to No10. Retailer promotions give ‘Ratatouille’ a second helping of the All Formats Top 10 as THQ’s game re-enters the Top 10, up from No30 to No9. Nintendo’s Wii Zapper title ‘Link’s Crossbow Training’ has its best week of the year, up from No22 to No15.

TheHater4379d ago

It good to see that Both Version of burnout is doing good.

nicholascage244379d ago

but ps3 version took up 47% of the sales and thats a surprise!!
guys this is just the first day sales of burnout though since it was released on the 25th.

i am predicting that Burnout ps3 and xbox 360 will take up the first 2 positions next week

Snukadaman4379d ago

shouldnt you be on the other side?

lawman11084379d ago

Sony CEO Howard Stringer is happy go perky when it comes to talking about the future of the PS3. Oh how bright the future is. Talking with Reuters, Stringer says that the "PS3 has now gone past XBox on the Christmas market" and that it is "moving into its own". Comparable to the growth of a tween becoming a teenager or something like that. Stringer then happily proclaims that the "PS3 is out of the woods and beginning to hold its own" when it comes to its competition with the 360. And we just hope that he's talking about Japanese sales numbers, because if he's referencing to North American sales then we'll have to be the bearer of bad news and say that the woods is much deeper and scarier than he thinks. But we'll let Stringer live in his fantasy world for as long as he wants, because he is a CEO. We'll just keep mum and let the numbers speak.
I am not into driving games but the demo for this was nice. When it's $20 bucks I will pick it up

DJ4379d ago

The reason Howard Stringer, as well as other Sony Executives, are so pleased with how the PS3 is performing right now is because its consistently beating the 360's worldwide sales by a very large margin. This isn't more evident than in Japan (where the 360 was toppled mere weeks after the PS3 launch) and Europe, where the PS3 is on track to surpass the 360's install base by Summer.

The gap in North America between the two consoles is approximately 5 million units, which is a sizable figure but not an insurmountable one. The 40GB SKU essentially saved the PS3, and you can be sure that Sony is going to keep pushing it as hard as they can.

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Neo-Delta4379d ago

Yeah, Burnout's tied up pretty well, it's doing really well considering it's just been released. I've yet to pick it up for the PS3 though.

sephy 9 2 54379d ago

Ugh at least have a good Wii game in the #1 spot...

paul_war4379d ago

Good to see Uncharted & Mass Effect still in there.

Really didn't think Mario & Sonic would be at number 1.

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