Is Freemium the Future of the Video Game Industry?

Will most games be free-to-play in the near future?

To the uninitiated, Freemium (the combination of “free” and “premium”) is a business model in which a product or service is offered for free, but the consumer is charged for additional features.

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matgrowcott3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

In that the days of £40/$60 boxed releases are coming to an end and that freemium is one of the best alternatives, yes.

In that there's going to be a lot of resistance from the big publishers, it could go either way.

AngelicIceDiamond3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Well, the publishers give you full access to the game, but charge you for say armor, equipment and upgardes as well as cutting access to certain worlds unless you pay.

So to me, its not "free" The pubs only give you so much access to the game before they start charging you.

Feralkitsune3283d ago

Name 1 recent game that's done this. They stopped doing that a long time ago, you must not have played a F2P game in a while. they realized that people won't play if you cut game content, so they just charge for customization items now. Or make it possible to get weapons and armor through in-game currency like in Blacklight Retribution.

Gridloc3283d ago

Mechwarrior is free to play on pc ( coming soon anyway ) but they sell downloadable packs for up to $120. Free to play will just gouge players to have an advantage over non paying players. Skill will have something to do with it, but you cant tell me that people who pay won't have an advantage. If you don't pay expect a long upgrade process compared to people who pay.