Notch: Minecraft "a one in a million fluke", don't expect future games to be as popular

If people are expecting future Mojang games to be as hugely popular as Minecraft, then they’ll be disappointed – that’s according to the game’s creator, Marcus “Notch” Persson, who describes his hit as “a one in a million fluke”.

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Alos883283d ago

Except now he's well known and popular in gaming, which means he'll have at least decent success with his future games based on name recognition alone.

DeadSpaced3283d ago

Yeah, just because people know who he is means his next game will get a fair chance. Minecraft was one in a million because it caught on and didn't die out. His next game won't be as big as a gamble, and he can show us more of his genius.

JBSleek3283d ago

There is truth and fallacy in that statement.

To claim the next game will be as successful and have the community backing that Minecraft has is going to be hard if it isn't a direct sequel of the game which is very unlikely.

But on the other hand who is say that something as innovative as Minecraft can't be duplicated by the same people. People seem to back developers with a track record for brand. Naked Economics shows that branding is the most important factor for success as it gives consumers comfort.

TopDudeMan3283d ago

I agree. It was the right game at the right time. It was something new and people flocked to it, as expected.

OmniSlashPT3283d ago

"Minecraft is just a overhyped, overrated game that somehow everyone uses for LP on youtube nowadays"

I think that's more like it.

Grap3283d ago

i don't like minecraft but i wouldn't call it overrated i can see why ppl like it.

Swiftcricket3283d ago

I ignored Minecraft for a long time with a similar view on it (though not quite THAT close-minded of a view), but when I finally just gave it a try I wished I had never ignored it. It's one of the few games that I can always come back to and can have a different experience with it every single time if you use your imagination. There's nothing overrated about it and it wasn't hyped in the least considering how long it took to catch on.

Honest_gamer3283d ago

i agree with him, also wont it be sorta funny to see all his games made in minecraft lol

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