Mick’s Indie Picks: Binding of Isaac

"Braid and LIMBO are the poster children of indie games. They’re the ones everyone plays, but they’re gateway indie games. From there some will move onto the harder stuff, fully detaching themselves from the “mainstream” and sneering at anyone ignorant enough to enjoy Call of Duty." - Capsule Computers

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coaidant3291d ago

Indie games need more love

TitanUp3291d ago

from what i have seen in the forums and podcast it seems like the hardcore pc gamers really love indie games.

seen positive stuff from console gamers also but not like pc gamers.

one thing i have noticed though is the cod fanboys they put down every indie game cause of the graphics.

of course they probably say hey its not a shooter so lets not play it.

Dovahkiin3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Those who judge video games solely on graphics, don't deserve to play video games.

Indie games are generally amazing, mainly because the devs can do whatever they feel like, instead of being forced by the publishers hand.

I think indie games are loved as much as they are is due to the fact that they don't necessarily have to stick to the normalities of a particular genre, unlike most big titles.