Dark Sector Updated Impressions by Shacknews

Defying its earlier development history, Dark Sector is shaping up into a complete title, seeing increasingly frequent press events as it approaches its March release. Once set in a more heavily science fiction setting, Digital Extremes' PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 third-person shooter is now set in a former (fictional) Soviet state. A horrible mutagen has been released and your character infected, helpfully turning your arm into a metallic, twisted version of itself and allowing you to generate and use the Krull-esque, triple-bladed glaive.

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Vo_Cal4378d ago

This my friends will be the sleeper hit of 2008... Guaranteed.

Rusted4378d ago

I agree dude, i don't know why but i believe in this one, the graphics, gameplay, action and weaponry looks terrific.
im totally get this

killinet2474378d ago

This game is looking good. Hopefully it has a good story to go with it. I don't care if the MP sucks.

Rusted4377d ago

"I don't care if the MP sucks." MP? multiplayer? this game have multiplayer?