Twenty Minutes Of Deadlight Gameplay

FanCensus says: "Who ever thought a zombie apocalypse would have so much platforming? We take a quick look at the incredibly atmospheric Deadlight out on Xbox Live Arcade later this week."

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mafiahajeri3284d ago

This guy should be on Ninja warrior anyway I would rather play Dead Nation.

JellyJelly3284d ago

Why not play both? I mean if you like Dead Nation, although it's a shooter and not a puzzler/adventure game, why wouldn't you want to play this?

Dead Nation has been out for a good while now so I expect most people are done with it by now.

Or perhaps you were just trolling?

chela3284d ago

cuz its not on ps3 = bad. and DN is ps3 only = best zombie game ever.

Fishy Fingers3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I'm sure it's merely coincidental that he would rather play a PSN exclusive than this XLA exclusive. You know, with the games being so similar and all. :/ lol

r213284d ago

the only thing thats similar between DN and deadlight is zombies, thats all. both are different, one being a sidescroller with atmosphere and the other being a zombie shootfest. both fun in their own ways!