10 Most Frustrating Moments in Gaming

WC writes: We all love to game. Whether it’s a quick twenty minutes on a beat-‘em-up before work or a hefty ten hour session on our favourite RPG, we turn to games to escape the frustrations of our day to day lives.

And more often than not, they serve that purpose. But every now and again, a game comes along that causes more stress than pleasure, and whether it’s by accident or design, no medium can get us quite as frustrated quite as quickly.

I had a think back over the last fifteen years and recalled those moments in gaming that have had me at my most frustrated; to the point where I thought the joypad would break under the force of my spasming palms.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of gaming’s most nerd-rage inducing moments.

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Al803280d ago

This is actually not a bad article, but you're a bit of a scumbag if you force people to click TEN times to read ONE article

Honest_gamer3280d ago

thanks for the heads up, was jsut about to click on the article but i saw your comment i bloody HATE websites that do that

blitz06233280d ago

Getting busted and losing all weapons in GTA is not even frustrating. I do it all the time for fun

PoSTedUP3280d ago

doing all that sneaking around in MGS3/4 through the whole level for like an hour, feeling like you're the man and really accomplished in every way possible and then SOMEONE OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE HAVING THE ABILITY OF GOD TO SPOT YOU STANDING NEXT TO A TREE, DRESSED LIKE A TREE, IN A FORREST FULL OF TREES FROM A QUARTER MILE AWAY. ughhhh.

sticky doja3280d ago

Obviously the writer of this article never played Top Gun on NES.

WeskerChildReborned3280d ago

@posted, Yea i hate that too when i'm like being a boss and then out of nowhere, one guy just spots me and the question mark comes up.

Philoctetes3279d ago

Same here. I was going to click on this, but I'm trying to avoid websites that pull this stunt. Did not read.

Nevers3279d ago

For me ... the most frustrating video game section I've ever encountered was the final Level/Boss of Ninja Gaiden for NES. That game broke me. You know it's bad when you remember those damn birds roughly 22 years ago.

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Irishguy953280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

10- The Final Stage of Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)
9- Losing Lydia in Skyrim
8- D-District Prison, Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)

Hmm, I was gonna keep going, but this seems liek one of those very extremely rare articles where 10 clicks is ok(correction: worth it, it's still not ok). Each page is long and ****.

Still to author: Please try not to pull this **** again, it's just annoying, 3-5 pages tops please. Crappy gamingbolt are always pulling this so I just don't read their articles anymore/

Edit- **** it i've decide to complete it

7- Fighting Oddjob, Goldeneye Multi-player (N64)
6- The 5th Member of the Elite Four, Any Pokemon Game
5- Fighting Seth, Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS)
4- Getting Ganked Repeatedly on World of Warcraft
3- Dark souls
2- Breeding Golden Chocobos, Final Fantasy VII
1- Getting Busted and Losing All of Your Weapons, GTA

forever_milan3280d ago

You should see their TDKR articles, 20 pages for one article of them. Bastards

thorstein3280d ago

Thanks for completing this. I try to do that if I can get near the top of an article so others won't have to read through. bubs for you!

d3nworth13280d ago

Demon Souls: getting a million souls only to die and lose them all.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3280d ago

Hm. I didn't find the chocobo breeding frustrating. It was a challenge, but I don't remember being frustrated.
Getting busted in gta was kind of a pain, but it doesn't merit the top of this list.

WhatCulture is really bad about putting top ten lists on ten pages.

Knushwood Butt3279d ago

Seth's a joke compared to Gill.

Krimmson3279d ago

Seth? Really? This guy got frustrated with fucking Seth?

He's obviously never played Third Strike, or any King of Fighters game because those bosses make Seth look like a ballet dancer.

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showtimefolks3280d ago

seth in street fighter
and the final boss for mortal kombat

its one thing to be hard its another to be cheap and both of these characters are cheap

I believe demon soul and dark soul is for those fans who enjoy old school hard core no regen health kind of games. And i am not one of them lol. But i also know that these games are famous for being hard and that's what anyone ever talks about. No one has said to me that dark soul has a great story or combat they all say prepare to die

I feel like games like these are no that many that they get a free pass for critics in other categories.
A game can be challenging yet fun.

OP i always played GTA games on normal than just to have fun put all the cheats in and had fun lol. dying wasn't possible lol but GTA 3 its very possible lol

DrRobotnik3280d ago

I'm surprised they did not mention the water temple from Ocarina of Time...actually any water temple from any game.

shammgod3280d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Biggest pet peeve right there

3280d ago
Kin23g3279d ago

1-Playing Catherine on Hard
2-Losing for the 25th time when fighting Terra in KH2FM+
3-Fighting Yazamat in FFXII.
(The fight wasn't that hard, but it takes around 6 hours to beat him!!!)

DW743279d ago

Downvoted for clickbait.

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Malice-Flare3280d ago

heh, the picture of Kirk raging at Kahn never gets old. that said, i don't agree with number #3, you bought Dark Souls expecting a hard time. now, Maneaters from Demon's Souls is a better #3 candidate since nobody expected Demon's Souls to be that hard the first time around...

NastyLeftHook03280d ago

maneaters and not having a memory card in the ps2 days.

IG-883280d ago

personally i had a harder time with trying to beat the Belfry Gargoyles in Dark Souls then the Maneaters in Demon's Souls but they are both tuff to beat by your self.

oNIXo3279d ago

Not knowing you need to have a Ring of Sacrifice the first time you meet Seath in the Duke's Archives.

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maniacmayhem3280d ago

For me it was bringing down that Ship in Star Wars: Force Unleashed. The most frustrating part of that game and it almost made me return it. It also kept me from trying the sequel.

IG-883280d ago

that part was soooooooo frustrating!

kma2k3280d ago

trust me consider yourself fortunate that you didnt play the sequel. I personally loved the first one but hated the second with a serisous passion!

3280d ago
IG-883280d ago

Fuck Lydia i hate her so much and i am glad each time she dies in one of my games!!! her and the way she says "i am sworn to carry your burdens" can suck it :P

every other companion that i have had may think of me as an ass but at lest they seem happy to take my shit!

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