Path of Exile is one of the most promising action-RPG’s around, and here’s why (

We bring you all the details from the weekend’s stress test of this indie action-RPG out of New Zealand. With (almost) local servers, huge depth and full use of always-online connectivity, Path of Exile is shaping up to be one of the year’s best.

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Odoylerules0003280d ago

This game already has a rabid fanboy following. I don't see the appeal but since its f2p, I'll give it a shot. Maybe it plays a lot better than it looks.

karlowma3279d ago

Definitely something that will appeal to fans of Diablo and Diablo II. I had a chance to check it out a bit over the weekend, and wasn't able to put much time in to it, but what I saw was pretty impressive.

banjadude3279d ago

It's actually pretty good. My only gripe is, the combat is slow (especially, if you are a melee character). The special effects from fire, lightning, and ice are VERY impressive (especially the ice one).

I'm also liking the idea of how they replaced gold, with scrolls of identity and scrolls of town portal.