3DS LL SOLD 193k, NMB2 431k in 2 days

Enterbrain has announced 3DS LL breaking sales of portable game consoles was released on July 28, 2012 from Nintendo, Nintendo. First week of the estimated domestic sales of 193,441 units Nintendo 3DS LL. Aggregate period of two days - July 29 July 28, 2012.

In addition, the number of estimated first week sales of soft "New Super Mario Bros. 2" for Nintendo 3DS was released on the same day, this has become 430,185. (Total period of two days - July 29 July 28, 2012)

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kingofe33285d ago

That's 1/4 of the entire Vita hardware sales LTD... in two days.

Sony needs to do something...

live2play3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

the vita will be alright
the games just need to come in and it will start selling

if they make them, they will come

its not a matter of
IF vita will sell big numbers
but a matter of WHEN

eventually a price cut on the system and memory cards will happen and games will be made

(secretly hopes vita and 3ds do great so app store gamers can es tee eff yoo)

kingofe33285d ago

That's what I'm talking about. The next big release in Japan is Hatsune Miku, which releases August 31st. After that, you have very little niche titles and Soul Sacrifice (which I don't know how it'll do). Hopefully the next Vita Game Heaven and TGS will bring something.

bothebo3285d ago

The 3DS is winning the battle but who do you think is going to win the war? Do you really think the 3DS is going to have a long life cycle?

Venox20083285d ago

well, DS had long cycle, so why wouldn't 3ds? :)

StraightPath3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Damn thats needs to act fast. Vita sinking boat.

joeorc3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Sony is not really worried about the PSVita sales right now for such a new product and has done strives to expand their reach in the handheld market more than even Nintendo Has!

if people have not been paying attention the smartphone market is where handheld gaming sell the most handset's and the most software. Having a dedicated handheld is also another way to add market share, but is not the only way.

While the Nintendo fans that keep and still want to take a swipe at sony about how much the Nintendo machines keep out selling the PSVita , Sony is going about it's way expanding the Mobile playstation platform in to a blue Ocean strategy.


even Nintendo is not getting sales of this level with the DS+3DS per 3 months Sony is!

The company sold 7 million Xperia smartphones during the first quarter up from 6 million in Q4 2011.

Sony Mobile is forecasting that it will ship 33.3 million Xperia smartphones in the year to March 2013, a 48% increase over the prior fiscal year where it sold 22.5 million smartphones. This would imply 8.3m phones per quarter, a number that should be achievable given the 7m run rate from calendar Q1 2012.

If you do not get it now you never will the change has happened the Mobile game market is not just Sony and Nintendo anymore.

Even with Nintendo's great sales in the number of dedicated Game Handhelds and Fantastic software sales for those dedicated hand helds, they still pale quite a bit in sales of not just Handheld sales but Handheld software sales also in today's Mobile handset market. Unlike Nintendo, Sony is aggressive in its Move to include that Market to expand it's playstation Platform.

Remember the Whole idea of the Wii was a blue ocean strategy, Well Sony is employing that same strategy in the mobile market, any way they may not be first or 2nd hell they may not even be in the top 5.

But if selling 16+ million 3DS's per year is counted as great success on here to many gamer's idea what is the best selling Hand held system in existence.

What does selling 33+ million handset's a year count as?


I already expected i was going to get disagree's, so hooray! for you.

of course i get a disagree: the same way people disagreed with the strategy and great success that Nintendo has had with the Wii, but you may say there is no way Sony can dethrone Nintendo in the Mobile arena. well that may be true or Maybe just maybe Sony may be able to increase it's market share more than you may think. we will see how it come out. Never say Never!

Tundra3285d ago

What does the quarterly result for Xperia smartphones have to do with Nintendo's dedicated handheld gaming system?

joeorc3285d ago

the first post that bring's the issue up:


and i quote:

"Another nail in the coffin of the PS Vita."



That's 1/4 of the entire Vita hardware sales LTD... in two days.

Sony needs to do something...

well if your going to Question about the viability or exactly what a company is going to do about another companies product performance in this market. and your making it an issue of opinion, than you may get a response by someone else, with their Opinion on what Sony is doing about it.

I did not bring up the issue, they did!
just because my response was something some gamer's did not like does not mean my opinion is not as viable as someone else's opinion on said subject.

DarkHeroZX3285d ago

Well the Xperia phones are one of those PS certified phones and it can already play a lot of full fledge games. The thing is its pretty much in direct competetion with the Vita and the 3DS.

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eagle213285d ago

Awesome sales, like a re-launch in terms of units. :)

IamTheStorm813285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

N/M. My post was pretty much off topic, so I deleted it.

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