Next-gen can wait: 10 PlayStation 3 games to see you through to PS4

PS4 may still be a ways off, but not to worry: here’s our pick of 10 big PlayStation 3 games to span the gap and keep your next-gen cravings to a minimum.

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Wizziokid3284d ago

Why have Watch Dogs on the list? no one knows if it's even going to release on this gen consoles. Also putting Black Ops 2 on there, if people went on that games graphics then we are in need of an upgrade, it looks dated as hell, maybe they could upgrade the engine nextgen?

pixelsword3284d ago

They need to update the engine THIS gen.

At any rate, why stop at 10? :p

MaxXAttaxX3280d ago

Don't know about Watch Dogs.

Other than that, this gen is still pumping out some pretty good games. It's not all just about graphics.

iamnsuperman3284d ago

I agree Watch Dogs shouldn't be there. I can see that game disappearing for two years before we see any more stuff on it. However, I disagree with you Black Ops 2 comment. It does look dated but should that really matter that much. If people find it fun to play then hasn't the developers got the main aspect of what a game should do?

DeadlyFire3284d ago

Watch dogs is coming to PC, PS4, XB3. No doubt about that, but there is potential it could release on WiiU, PS3, X360 platforms. We just don't know yet. Have to wait for E3 2013 with the whole extended console life thing with PS3/X360. Its not impossible to see it there.

Young_ART3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

honestly it appears the only ones that are trying to bring nex gen in ASAP, are those without a ps3.

but "the ps3 has no games" so what am I talking about.

esemce3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

FFS that's bullsh1t son, the 360 and PS3 are damn old, the only gamers that want to delay the next gen are the broke ass fanboys.

If you owned all 3 consoles and a gaming PC then you would realize how deficient even the ps3 is.

It's time to move forward an 8 year console cycle is pathetic lets be honest.

ChunkyLover533284d ago

You said it in a harsh manner, but you're not wrong.

I own all three current consoles and have pretty much since they all launched respectively. I've spent seven years with the Xbox 360 now, eight by the time the 720 will launch, and I've spent six years each with the PS3 and the Wii, which will be seven years before the PS4. That is long enough, I just want some new gaming experiences.

Any games slated to come out on current hardware around the time the new consoles come out, will not be bought by me. Stuff earlier in the year I'm still buying, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, God Of War, Gears Judgment ect....

If some or any of these games get pushed to later in the year, I wont be buying them. I want new hardware and new software to push that hardware.

Bottom line is that the original Xbox had some great games, but nothing compared to Gears Of War, PS2 had some great games, but nothing compared to Uncharted. New hardware brings us the next great franchise, and I cannot wait!

Kaos_Vll3284d ago

The only gamers that want new hardware are broke ass console gamers that are either too lazy to learn to game on pc or simply can't afford a gaming rig.

See how wrong that statement is?

When we first saw Watchdogs at E3 everyone focused on the graphics. There were no new gameplay elements yet everyone loved it.

Everyone ready for next gen is just in a rush to get their hands on new shiny games with the same gameplay and Watchdogs proved it.

All you read about was how great the graphics looked and how the wind affected his clothing and a bunch of other visual elements.

Next gen seems to be headed for more of the same. All the early adopters will feel special for about 3 months oohing and awwing over better graphics, then spend the next 9 months complaining that there are no games to play, similar to the vita.

MaxXAttaxX3280d ago

It's not just about graphics or enhanced versions of multiplatform games on PC.
There are still some really good games coming out this gen.

krazykombatant3284d ago

Damn, I didn't think that "next gen" meant incredible graphics only. Which by the way gets ruined by putting Blops 2 in this list. Watch Dogs is in no way going to be as good looking for current consoles as we saw in that trailer.

The only reason the Cell can give out such good graphics is due to the games linearity. Which by no means is a bad thing but if the ps3 is still good why can't it run Battlefield 3 on better graphics or get a higher player count..... oh wait it can't because its limited by the aged shit hardware that both the x360 and the ps3 have.

Next gen start this holiday season whether some of you like it or not.

KMCROC543284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Title a bit misleading especially since there are 7 multi-plat games on that list & only 3 PS exclusives . These articles need to stop providing false information.

Abdou233284d ago

It's the idiots who approved it fault.