Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy III and other games for OUYA

Square Enix is planning to bring Final Fantasy III and other games for the kickstarter console, OUYA. FFIII will be released simultaneously with OUYA in 2013.

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3282d ago
majiebeast3282d ago

So the only platform final fantasy 3 hasnt been on is calculators?

Summons753282d ago

Ugh Square what are you doing! Don't support this piece of junk

MacDonagh3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

To get a publisher like Square Enix on board is a big deal for Ouya.

joeorc3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

"To get a publisher like Square Enix on board is a big deal for Ouya."

when you have people like

brian fargo
jenova chen
ed fries

and Now Square

this is a big deal no matter what some gamer's seem to think about the OUYA!

the fact that Square has jumped at the offset of this new Console so fast off the bat, is a very good sign.

@ DISAGREE im getting a disagree over what i just posted, WOW!

How is getting Final Fantasy in any form for a new console let alone a new start up, and that Square Enix also stated that they will be providing more content for the console in the future.

not a big thing?

huh? The fact that a big publisher who made and distributed their franchises for big sale's of systems from Nintendo , Microsoft and Sony and now Square is Supporting a Game console with the look's of it right now under 100,000 systems for pre launch release. IF that is not Something that is shocking, i do not know what is.

Think about that a new Game console start up with less than 100,000 unit's pre launch is getting a big 3rd party games publisher to release a game on this new system, and it's not a big deal?



JBSleek3282d ago

Are you the spokesman for all things Andriod related?

Also this isn't that serious considering Final Fantasy is already on Andriod so it isn't as earth shattering as you make it seem.

ApolloAdams3282d ago

Your rant about getting a disagree is amusing to say the least. Relax, it ins't that serious.

attilayavuzer3282d ago

I'm curious how many people are gonna be calling this thing the "oooyahh"

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