New Fallout 3 Screenshots

Bethesda Softworks released a bacth of new Fallout 3 screenshots. Enjoy.

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Relcom4384d ago

You bet.

I love Bethesda's graphics for the game. I think Black Ilse would be proud.

wageslave4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )


MK_Red4383d ago

Relcom, bubbles for you my friend though I don't think this could ever satisfy the geniuses of ex-Black Isle. Only God knows how awesome their original Fallout 3 could have been.

solar4383d ago

i dunno...its kinda looking bland :/ but from what ive read of the series and of this game i def gonna check it out anyways. as long as the gameplay is top notch :D

marinelife94383d ago

Looks alright. It's a shame though (myself included) that the first thing that attracts us to a game a lot of times is the graphics.

JsonHenry4383d ago

From what I have read the gameplay is gonna S_W_E_E_T!!!

The graphics look pretty good from what little I can tell. Are the screens from the 360 version or the PC version?

solar4383d ago


the same is true for when we pick a mate. :D

Sheddi4383d ago

haha now thats a headshot :P

wageslave4383d ago

I absolutely love the post-apocalyptic genre.

A Boy and His Dog, Mad Max, Threads are all interesting studies that cross man vs. man with man vs. nature. People in a common situation that causes them to fight, I can believe that kind of motivation because it seems more rational (survival).

Fallout is a wonderful kind of game world. I look forward too it, and am glad that its Multi-Plat, so we can all enjoy it.

Relcom4383d ago

Definatly hope this game reaches all types of gamers. The old one's were classics for sure, and this one is shaping up to do the same

MK_Red4383d ago

Great comment.
Actually, Mad Max was the main inspiration for Fallout 1 and so was A Boy and His Dog to a lesser extend. The leather jacket for main character is exactly the same as MM2: Road Warrior's as well as his car and dog :)

Bubbles for both of you and hopefully, this could indeed be another classic worthy of the name Fallout.

CNIVEK4383d ago

...the status of Rogue Warrior? Did it get cancelled/postponed, in favor of Fallout 3?

Delt44383d ago

im not to sure but i am guessing they still have a few people on it but most of the designers are probably working on fallout at this time. I am almost certain that we will hear something about rouge warrior sometime in the next 2 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.