Can Pro Skater HD revive the Tony Hawk game series?

After the surprising success of Pro Skater HD it is time to wonder if the Tony Hawk game series could be back to its glory. Will this one game be able to revive the series which took such an awful downturn three years ago?

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st-BiOZ3281d ago

Don't think that will happen but I'll always remember the good times: Arguing what's better - realism or arcade style ...those were the days.

SavageFlamingo3281d ago

I don't think the realism came into being until Skate came out. I'm not saying that there weren't arguments about it. There was just nothing to compare it to.

st-BiOZ3281d ago

haha, yea you're right savage. realism on the old TH was rare. There were some ppl that weren't all for high combos though.
When I say "realism" I just meant combos that didn't.... last the whole round if you remember what I'm talkin about.

oh my god

st-BiOZ3281d ago

i'll always have a spot for THPS and reading over that last post I must admit that a revival wouldn't be so bad.

EA-SKATE don't really have any competition right now and THPS has been out of things for a while.
This might just be an experiment to see how well it's received by gamers.

So to clear up what I said before, I'd really like to see a new style THPS game but not exactly like the old one's used to be. There needs to be a balance of what's good and bad between the two games.

* One more thing, I think the skate image has been fading the past few years and this will have a definite impact on game sales. We're at a time where people that don't skate are ok with the
"beenie cap/ripped shoes/go-tee" image associated with skateboarding but tired of the "emo-choreography" or "lifestyle" part.
maybe that's just what I've noticed...
Either way, less skaters equal less sales.

..i'm sayin make it RAW, like an old school Toy Machine Video, then it'll work. Bring it back to the essence, start us off moving up from banana boards to the DEW TOUR, Tha'd be pretty cool. I'm typin this sh*t on the fly tho so you gotta be easy...

WeskerChildReborned3281d ago

I don't think so, the series has been dead for a while and anyway, Neversoft is working on COD i think so idk if they'll return to Tony Hawk games

Soldierone3281d ago

Tony Hawk in general is starting to get irrelevant lately....Asking my little brothers friends and some of them don't even really know who he is, but know some of the newer skaters.

I don't think its time to come back, i have no interest in buying a new one yet.

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