Destructoid Q&A: Tomonobu Itagaki on Ninja Gaiden 2

Few developers in the gaming industry have such a carefully crafted image as Tomonobu Itagaki, head of Team Ninja and creator of the Dead or Alive franchise and Ninja Gaiden's next-gen evolution. Destructoid'Qais Fulton and Aaron Linde happened upon him at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, where Itagaki, draped over a couch as the image of cool itself, kicked out the jams on the latest build of Ninja Gaiden II.

Destructoid had some time afterwards to ask the notorious developer some questions about his newest title, developing for Eastern and Western audiences, and more.

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nevelo074377d ago

wait til this game come out, it going to to be fun fast bloody and gory and you get to play as hayabusa what more can you ask for.

The Swordsman4377d ago

"And Tekken -- I really hope Tekken 6 does well for the sake of the genre on the whole, but we can't really expect that much based on what they've done in the past." "Unfortunately I think the new Tekken game is probably going to crash and burn after launch." Can this guy go even one interview without criticising Tekken?