Dante Still Has An Attitude, But Is It The Right Attitude?

He was always brash and cocky, and the new Dante is - thankfully - very much the same. But is he more of a punk...? Is this the attitude fans want?

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NovusTerminus3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Dante was cocky and quirky... In his own little world in truth...


No one is even around for him to try and impress, he is just doing his own thing.

Dante and Agnus

Agnus was nuts, we all know this, but Dante decides to just screw around and play along with it.

Dante with the motorcycle

He could have just ran up the wall, but instead decided to use the motorcycle to drive up and then fight with like a nunchuk...

Dante is playful, Kamiya stated he wanted Dante to be the kind of guy you hang out with and go drinking with, fun loving, and generally a nice guy, he didn't want him to smoke because it was the cheap way to try and look 'cool'

DmC has went against what Dante is in every way. He is no longer goofy, playful, and certainly not someone worth hanging out with...

As for gameplay, it is not DMC, it doesn't look like DMC, it looks like Heavenly Sword 2.0.

EDIT: When Dante was younger? He was like 19 in DMC3, and he looks older then that in the new game...

sinncross3282d ago

I totally agree with how you describe the original Dante. I think the important word is `playful`.

It sounds stupid, and something for kids but its a word that makes Dante such a fun character.

The new one is just stand offish. In fact the whole game is... for instance the swearing... its implementation in DmC is just crude for no reason whatsoever.

Original Dante is cool without ever (or hardly) being off putting. It is part of the games charm... I am not saying that DmC will not be fun... the mechanics might be, but it wont be fun in the sense that you are enjoying the game as much as Dante, in a weird way, sort of did as well.

SavageFlamingo3282d ago

I'm treating it as a completely new game. I'm not going to begin comparing it to the old ones. I'd rather not be biased while I'm trying to enjoy a game.

Elda3282d ago

Can't wait to play!!

SavageFlamingo3282d ago

Finally! Someone who isn't commenting just to say the same things over and over. Waah its not the same Dante. Good for you, sir. You've made my day.

310dodo3282d ago

The new Dante looks badass
maybe I will give this a try

I never could get into DMC because it looked too "japanese"
(white hair)

I love the wallpaper of new dante with those hot angel girls


Kyosuke_Sanada3282d ago

I'm guessing the Witcher was too "Japanese" as well....

310dodo3282d ago

no thats made by a Czech team right?