10 Sexiest Video Game Women of All Time: Simpering is Unacceptable

Not long ago, one of my colleagues posted up a run down of the sexiest men in video games, so in return I’ve decided to go tit for tat with her (no pun intended) with the Sexiest Video Game Women of all time.

In that same spirit, I’ve gone through my mental catalog of hot gaming women and pulled ten choice ladies from the depths of my depraved mind to offer up as the hands down, sexiest women ever to grace the digital screen,

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Tacklebait3284d ago

there are too many of these articles

a_squirrel3284d ago

I think the title should be: "10 Sluttiest Video Game..." because really, that's what they are.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3284d ago


Because Samus's power suit is extremely slutty looking right?..... *Facepalm*


On topic: No Chloe Frazier or Claire Redfield? :(

KreepyKritter3284d ago

Slow news week. Wait til Mechwarrior Online goes to full release.

abzdine3284d ago

At least one of the Dead or Alive girls could have made it in this list.
Faith and Samus have nothing sexy in them IMO.

KreepyKritter3284d ago

Extra jiggle physics isn't sexy.

Anon19743284d ago

Ugh. Well, I guess if you like mutants, Bayonetta might be your thing. Freaky body, tiny pin head and Sarah Palin glasses. Yep, I'm sure that's someone's idea of sexy. It just sure as hell ain't mine.

chobit_A5HL3Y3284d ago

i agree very much with tifa and lulu :3 rawr >:3 x]

Bathyj3284d ago

Samus is not sexy at all.
Sure there is lots of promotional and fan art where she is, but in game shes just a power suit.

Unless youre into that.

I would have thrown Chloe from Uncharted 2 to into that list for sure.