GTA V: 15 Ways To Make Sure You Play Like a Boss

WC writes: I’ve played quite a bit of GTA in my time and along the way I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that have helped me play like a total boss. And I’ll be taking those tips with me as I prepare to land in Los Santos. How about a quick refresher?

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rufusman913288d ago

This list
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Is boss.

Stuart57563288d ago

What's all this 'is boss' and 'like a boss' trite, how about good old '15 Ways To Make Sure You Play Well' or '15 Ways To Make Sure You Play Good'.

Like a boss?


D3mons0ul3288d ago

It's meme bullshit

It was once a line in a funny music video on youtube by thelonelyisland but somehow it's a meme and everybody spreads the phrase around like herpes.

Red_Orange_Juice3288d ago

author of this "article" thinks he's the only one who played GTA in the world, nothing boss about this list, its just another sad entry on n4g, same crap different day

ab5olut10n3288d ago

this list reads like an instruction manual. "use the gas pedal", "use the brake pedal", "aim..." thanks man, but we've got it covered. and honestly, i thought gta4 was the easiest of them. maybe because the setting was more realistic but it seemed like enemy encounters were pretty tame overall, especially with the cover system.

showtimefolks3288d ago

I HOPE GTA 5 IS MORE FLUID WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING INTO AND GETTING OUT OF COVER. There was a hic up of some sort gta 4 while was a great game i think we will see the best GTA to date with gta5.

HebrewHammer3288d ago

It's fun reading caps as if the person writing it is actually yelling. lol

NCAzrael3288d ago

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of the "Let's do an article on GTA V even though we don't have any new information at all" trend? Seriously, unless Rockstar is revealing new footage, more than a couple of screens, or at least some confirmed features, there's plenty of other things to cover. Enough GTA V fluff pieces.

Sensu3288d ago

It's not just you. It seems people just want to write an article about GTA V because they know it'll get a shitload of views and hopefully alot of comments.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3288d ago

Woah @[email protected] Like a boss? me? really? :O

No effin way!! The boss of what?

boyzilla3288d ago

Quit reading once I found out I had to click the next button for each number a boss?

How about like a shitty website.

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