Iranian FPS 'Extraterrestrial Armies' gets a debut trailer, first screenshots unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Iranian gaming studio Raspina has released the first official trailer for their upcoming FPS title, Extraterrestrial Armies. E.T Armies is a first person shooter game in a unique science fiction world, designed to show Persian historical themes and rich environments."

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Mocat2726d ago

This could pass as a xbla game

mafiahajeri2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Yeah and if it was a known Devolper you would have not said the same thing but because its Iraninan you say an xbla game when this clearly looks too good for anything on PSN and LIVE. Politics troll leave your squibble out of gaming...

Eyeco2726d ago

agreed this looks like a great effort from an unknown dev reminds me of one of the levels from KZ2

Mocat2726d ago

(but because its Iraninan you say an xbla game)

Are you saying i have something against Iranians?

AAWELLS092726d ago

@ mafiahajeri

You act as if you know Mocat. Do you?

mananimal2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )


thats a ridiculous "Statement", it has NOTHING to do with ETHNICITY!!! lol, You & so Far 13 others who agreed with you, musta just started playin 1st person shooters YESTERDAY!! , lol, geez really? , comparin this shooter with its predecessors & its OBVIOUS!! thats its not up to task, thats it, no hatin, just SIMPLE TRUTH from a Veteran of 1st Shooter genre since its early inception ROOKIE!!! lol, I think you should check your eye sight & see if you left your brain on your desk b4 u left home this morning.

Give me a break, not a bad start from our Irainian Game Developing Counterparts, ..... BUT!!! lol ok?.....great lookin graphics sure, BUT!!! lol, enemy animations??? lmao, nuff said, Musical score? lmao , nuff said there as well, etc, ....Simply not up to PAR with Western Development Community in 1st shooter Genre, TRUTH!!!!, no hate, But Honest assessment. ....uve got mudd in you eyes rookies. plz give me a break with that nonsense. what u looking at, I dont

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mafiahajeri2725d ago

You obviously do... dont lie to yourself...

TitanUp2726d ago

hope this does good maybe if it does the developers can go on to make something larger.

ab5olut10n2726d ago

title's catchy as hell, i'll give them that

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2726d ago

Graphics sure do look rather polished. Wish I saw more gunplay in the trailer though. Surely would like more info on this game.

TitanUp2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

im not sure why they would develop a fps anyways. the market is over crowded with fps. maybe this will be something different.

anyways still hope the developers do good maybe they can go on to make an rpg or tp action game

TekoIie2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Anyone can make an FPS. Not everyone can make a good RTS or platformer.

That's why.

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The story is too old to be commented.