Farming Simulator 2013 nothing but a complete version of Farmville?

Are there no new ideas left for video games? Or must we copy social gaming now? Farming Simulator 2013 just might be Farmville in a full version.

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urwifeminder3963d ago

Series has been going for ages.

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>I was a gamer before it was "ok" for girls to play games.

Where she from 'north korea'

Faelan3962d ago

I don't get the article.

I used to play Flight Simulator II on my C64 back in 1985ish. Today I'm playing Flight Simulator X on my PC. Am I being ripped off because the gameplay (takeoff, fly, land - repeat) is exactly the same?

I could find a free 2D flash shooter or I could play BF3. Am I being ripped off because they're both shooters and BF3 obviously cost me a lot more than what a free flash shooter is ever going to cost me?

That's the feeling I'm getting from the article. That I'm being ripped off because, hey... shooting, farming, flying... whatever... is nothing new and has been done before.

Sorry, but I can't look at things in such a simple-minded way. I could never go back to FSII now that I have FSX. I could never see myself even touch Farmville, but I do in fact intend to try Farming Simulator 2013 (Possibly wait for a Steam sale) because I'm a sucker for simulators in general (Farmville is NOT a simulator). The fact that the author even tries to compare those two games just baffles me. But hey, that's just me *shrug*.