Darksiders II Collectors Edition SOLD OUT!

“Community Update: We have just been informed that literally every outlet in the US has confirmed that they are completely out of stock for any additional orders of the Collector’s Edition! If you haven’t yet, pre-order a copy of the Limited Edition before it’s gone: there’s only a couple of more weeks until Death is unleashed! Thanks so much for your continued support!”

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showtimefolks3288d ago

I ordered one not that long ago and did next day delivery.

3288d ago
BrutallyBlunt3288d ago

Good to hear. I enjoyed the first one.

cruxito3288d ago

i dont see why is this a surprise, most of those people who preorder are going to put them on sell the day the game comes out... i still see alot of Gears of war and Halo3 collectors editions everywhere i go.

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rajman3288d ago

Plenty on ebay for those who missed out


LOL yea for like 500 bucks!

TheSuperior 3288d ago

Are they really that much?!?

rajman3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

lol not even close.
$160 here:

cruxito3288d ago

to TheSuperior:
yeah but just wait for a couple weeks and ull find them for less than 60 dllrs

Lucreto3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I am still not sure about getting the game. I still have to finish the first one.

I ordered the CE on the 19th of July so I was lucky.

Does anyone know if the fixed the problem of the console resetting when you quit the game on the disc version?

Also does anyone know if the download version have the same problem?

Skate-AK3288d ago

On Darksiders 1? I beat the game and I never had that happen so they might have fixed it. I got it like a year after release. I played the Disc version.

TheSuperior 3288d ago

We I wish I would have got one. I didn't think they would sale out. Classic case of you snooze you loose lol

Lucreto3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Its a gamble really.

You don't know what will sell out and what will not.

You can still buy Skyrim CE 9 months later and then there are ones like this that disappear very quickly.

3288d ago

@TheSuperior no lol I think it was like 150 but selling it on Ebay will sure fetch a hefty price for the gaming collector!

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The story is too old to be commented.