Sony to Boost PlayStation 3 Demonstrations Fivefold

Sony Corp. will use five times the number of U.S. demonstration booths to promote the PlayStation 3 as it did for the last console, part of a plan to keep users from defecting to Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox and Nintendo Co.'s Wii.

Sony, the world's largest maker of video-game consoles, will spend $30 million to put the consoles in 15,000 U.S. and Canadian kiosks during the holiday season, said Jack Tretton, co-chief operating officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America. The 2000 introduction of PlayStation 2, which dominated the last generation of game consoles, used 3,000 demo booths

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Boink6449d ago

and they will have to have a rep at everyone to reboot it and keep the fan blowing on it if TGS was any indication:)

Shadow Flare6449d ago

you know, the xbox 360 is no spring chicken itself

and going by TGS, I only heard of one ps3 unit failing. And considerin that failed unit was demoing riiiiidge racer 7, i dont think it was the game pushing the console too hard. It was one faulty unit thats all.

Im glad however sony is spending alot of money to get loads of ps3 kiosks out there, cos that way, the public can try the ps3 for themselves. Its always better for a person to try before they buy, cos then they'd feel better about spending $600

drewdrakes6449d ago

There was another unit running Armored Core 4 that went down, so it seems you arent very well informed ;). But that is to be expected from a new console. And im glad Sony is starting to do that thing called "Marketing".

Link to broken PS3: http://www.kotaku.com/gamin...

achira6449d ago

this links to the failed ps3 are fake, they are photoshoped! use your logic, why is the ps3 off, and uses a fan to cool it down ? isnt it logic only to turn off the ps3 and it will cool down alone ? this is a freaking fake, look at the fan, its inlcuded in the picture, the truth is the man only turned on the ps3, and an idiot included this fan with photoshop !

tatical6449d ago

What are you talking about? There's no fan in that picture.

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Boink6449d ago

no, but the ps3 is gearing up to be a big xmas turkey.

There were reports of systems crashing all over the place. and that was still with systems having a ps3 on top, but the games really running on pretty much a dev kit underneath.

developers dropping online play because they don't know what sony's doing a month and a half before launch doesn't fill me confidence for some reason.

Nobody doubts that the 360 had it's launch issues, and the ps3 will have theirs as well. but the problem is that Sony having a less than stellar launch, gives a HUGE advantage to MS and nintendo.

this will be the closest console race ever, and sony isn't off to a great start, and the idiots that write their press releases aren't helping.

it's go time for sony, everyone's waiting for them to blow our minds, and it's not happening.

Shadow Flare6449d ago

well apparently sony blew a few japanese minds at TGS

however i understand what you're saying. Sony IS going to have its share of problems at launch and they've already experienced a lot

In my opinion though (and im european), the PS3 is still the most exciting to me and its the console i want most. And the more info and news i hear about the ps3, and especially the quality of games, its making me want the ps3 more and more, and to me, the 360 is not even an option to me anymore

THE TRUTH6449d ago

What will YOU do when you see THIS at your local Best Buy or Video Game store?



Link: http://ps3forums.com/showth...

Imagine 15,000 of these "Battle" stations are set up all over at a very busy christmas time.

PS3 Demo Area". It will consist of 2 couches, 2 wireless controllers per couch. A Sony Bravia 46" 1080p set, and Sony 7.1 Home theater system."

That will definetly turn alot of heads

Boink6449d ago

as a retailer I'd be incredibly impressed.

reaction 1:
wow this is awesome, how much?...WHAT!!!!! maybe in a year or 2 I'll come back.

reaction 2:
customer:wow, this is awesome, can I buy one?

retailer: well the tv and stuff we have, but there is no ps3's, sorry.

See, the problem with that setup(aka battlestations), and anyone with half a brain in sony marketing should have figured this out: To Joe average, it all looks great, BUT it all looks really expensive(cause it is), and therefore out of reach.

nonetheless, should be an interesting xmas in the console industry:)

happygamer6449d ago

it seems like a lot of people are going to be able to play the game they want before they decide to buy a ps3.

THE TRUTH6449d ago

WOW, you seem like your just so in tuned to the "average gamer" whatever the hell that means....

I give you factual information and you reply with fictional information about what you "think" is going to happen... The only truth is that there may be 100 different interactions that would happen between the customer and store clerk, so why do you only have 2? And more importantly why do they all have such a negative ending? You make it seem as though no one on earth could afford such a set up.... Funny because I consider myself average and I have no problems affording a above average gaming setup.. We are past the age of black and white 12 inch TVs my friend. HDTVs are selling well so are many other high priced appliances so get over this "poverty stricken average gamers" I can't wait to take a few hours at my local best buy before buying my PS3 on Nov. 17th!

Boink6449d ago (Edited 6449d ago )

what I think??
sorry buddy, it's not what I think.

FACT: casual gamers think the PS3 is EXPENSIVE...sorry, i'm not making that up. read the price reactions at just about EVERY gaming website. you fanboys of course don't see it, but everyone else does.

FACT: there is only 400,000 coming on launch day, and there will be shortages all over. do you think you will be able to just walk in and buy one at your leisure? are you that blinded with hope?

are these things I'm making up? have I been imagining all these articles about people not liking the cost? did sony not scale back their "worldwide launch"?