Chasing White, Repetitive Rabbits | Alice: The Madness Returns

Nathan of Bago Games takes a look at Alice:Madness Returns- Back in October 2000, video game designer, American McGee, brought the world his twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. The game received generally favorable reviews and was praised for its—at the time—cutting edge graphics and mature, dark take on the familiar world of Alice’s imaginary dimension. Eleven years later, Alice is back for another trip to the disturbing, Wonderland of her mind. The Madness Returns does an awful lot to draw players back into the macabre landscape, but unfortunately your time there will be hampered by enough frustrating gameplay mechanics that you may be looking for the next train back to the real world.

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8bitHero3282d ago

why is this here? didnt this game come out nearly 2 years ago. pretty pointless to post a review for it now.

amaguli3282d ago

I admit that the review is one year late, but that doesn't make it any less relevant. Not everyone had a chance to pick up Alice: Madness Returns, so the review is geared more towards those gamers.

SugarSoSweet3282d ago

a little late with this review aren't ya?

triverse3282d ago

Eh, posting a review of a game that is a year or so old is perfectly fine. For most titles, after a year, they are hitting the discount rack or are being dropped to a much lower price point. In today's economy, even $20 may be hard to swallow for some gamers that may be interested in reading a fresh point of view on a title.

r213282d ago

its a great game and yeah combat is repetitive. despite that, i love this game to bits :D

DOOMZ3282d ago

The game was awesome 9.0/10!

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