'People don't want to pay for games'

Freemium will become the dominant force throughout the global games industry, leading experts claim.

Digital specialists at EA and BBC have both told MCV that free is the price that consumers want to buy their games. And that the model – which is currently popular online and on mobile – could even come to the console space.

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Yi-Long3292d ago

... however, I want to play for COMPLETE games! Not games where half the content is sold 5 seconds after release through DLC-milking!

I absolutely don't want to get involved with any kind of micro-transaction kinda deal, where you play as you go along.

Jadedz3291d ago

Next thing you know: "Welcome to freemium play! each hour cost a dollar!"

DrRobotnik3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

You speak any more TRUTH like that, and our representatives at CAPCOM Conglomerate will send some one to your house and break your kneecaps. Good day sir.


banjadude3291d ago

YES! none of that "preorder at..." exclusive BS.
Also, if they do plan on releasing DLC, don't withouthold ANY OF IT (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc).

ikkokucrisis3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I have this crazy idea,

What if there were advertisements in games which players could help promote by wearing ad related gear (clothes, banners, equipment). The more people use them, the more it helps pay for free DLC for the community.

Just imagine if everytime you got a kill, you could stand over your victim, pop open, and chug down a can of 7up that would be both humiliating and (maybe) informative to the poor bastard you just fragged?!

I dunno how feasible it would be, but it would be an interesting experiment to try!

Puddlejumper753291d ago

How is you standing over someone chugging a 7up informative in any way? Maybe they have to watch a 15 sec ad for 7up saying maybe you'd suck less if you drank it?

I could maybe see 7up sponsoring you if you wear their gear in game and are a good player, something along those lines.

IDK interesting idea but implementing it would be difficult.

Moby-Royale3291d ago

*five dollar foot long*

Any any any.....

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pokeliar3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I love dellusional bias analysts. Online, mobile, casual game devs and analysts

real devs ignore you.

You make bad games. And I beg to differ that people dont want to pay for games

What we dont want is to be microtransactioned and monetized to death

F2P doesnt work if it isnt a shooter or has a story

Puddlejumper753291d ago

IDK lots of F2P MMos have a story and they seem to do okay. Star Wars old Republic may go F2P and its very heavy on story.. I guess it just depends on what type of story you want. Lots of CGI? WEll no that doesnt happen to often but if you like to read there are lots of free games with a story.

Bathyj3291d ago

Am I the only non tight-arse who doesnt mind paying for games and even thinks games are cheaper than they were 2 decades ago?

I want to pay for games and I want to support the industry.

I do, however think all games "journalist" should work for nothing.
There, see how you like them apples.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I don't mind paying for well made games.
Free To Play games doesn't work to well. They cause balancing issues especially in MMORPG, and Fps games. In the longrun of playing those games you would want to spend some money on it my issue is lots of times you could be spending more than if you bought a brand new game. I've heard horror stories of people paying over $1000 on micro-transactions on some Mmos... if you look at it at a pay to play view say the game cost $15 a month, that $1000 would pay for close to 70 months of gameplay. The person who spent the $1000 is most likely going to spend more and more.
That's my issue with these "Freemium" games
I don't know if we will see it get to big, especially on consoles.
It's a ripoff, I only know some games that do implement the micro-transactions properly.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3291d ago

Good thing Planetside 2 and Hawken are following League of Legends and are only selling cosmetic items not guns.

pokeliar3291d ago

your right they dont work well at all,

freemium will kill the industry

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3291d ago


I don't mind when cosmetics are being sold, at least that does not imbalance anything. From my time playing Leagues of Legends I have seen no balancing issues. I also thought Blacklight retribution did a good job also if you don't want to pay as everything can be bought with ingame currency besides a few cosmetics.

level 3603291d ago

Nothing is FREE and that is a FACT.

andibandit3291d ago

Air is still free most places

Veneno3291d ago

I haven't played a free game that was't garbage. And freemium will not work for all types of games.

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