LittleBigPlanet Karting: beta impressions (Critical Gamer)

Critical Gamer's Luke K writes: There are three ways to approach the LBPK beta, which result in three very different opinions being formed. The first line of approach involves concentrating on developer created races – which, to be frank, disappoint. Now, it looks brilliant. Although this game is being made by ModNation Racers developer United Front rather than LBP fathers Media Molecule, it immediately looks and ‘feels’ as though the racing is taking part in the LBP universe. Cloth and cardboard scenery whips by as you use familiar items on your way to the finish line; bounce pads jump your kart over gaps and obstacles, while jetpacks give you a temporary speed boost. There are even grapple hooks to help take you over particularly mammoth gaps. Yes, this is definitely LittleBigPlanet you’re racing about in.

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MuleKick3292d ago

So, its a more kid friendly version of an already kid friendly game? (Mod-Nation Racers)

abzdine3292d ago

i personally prefer MNR cause LBP is very slow speed :(
I didn't feel it was made for hardcore racing fans like MNR was.