Upcoming Playstation Vita games to get excited for

GameZone writes, "The Playstation Vita has not sold great, partly because of a subpar post launch game lineup. The initial launch lineup was one of the best I’ve seen a system launch with, but since then it seems like games come out only once or twice a month. With all the doom and gloom surrounding the Playstation Vita, I decided to list some positives. Here are the best Vita games coming out for the remainder of the year."

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Godchild10203285d ago

I think the release of SFXT being released the same day will hurt the chances of the Vita version of PSASBR from selling. I know I will be picking up both.

AC3:L is also a day one, I liked Unit 13, so there is a chance I will pick up COD:BoD.

fredrikpedersen3285d ago

We just need to see more of the games. I'm not entirely convinced that it's not just another crappy spin-off like the DS CoD games. I mean, it IS Activision we are talking about here

playlikemario3285d ago

hey there gamerz im commenting more often now than i ever have before i like to talk about games it is a passion of mines. anyways this is why i got the VITA i am so happy that i invested in the product because even though there is not alot to offer at the moment, i have opened my mind up to more options in gaming and i will be ac3 when it comes out and maybe even the white VITA i dont know yet but yes my patience has been tested with the VITA but i am hanging in and i will be there when the product grows up.

PSN id: BiGjohnBlaze84 (come play)

PoSTedUP3285d ago

the vita has some good games but not a wide variety atm im still playing a lot of psp games. but this holiday looks to be insane forr the vita. im getting the white one also aswell.

chrisarsenalsavart3285d ago

i think vita has already a wide variety of games.
there are games for every genre
shooter ; uncharted, unit13, resistance, superstardust...
platform ;rayman, gravity rush, lego batman2
fighting ; mortal kombat, marvelVcapcom,ninja gaiden reality fighter.....
sport ; fifa, nfl, virtuatennis, everybodygolf..
party and puzzle games ; frobishersays, little deviants....
racing ; F12011, modnation racer, wipeout2048....
rpg ; dungeon hunter, sumioni, disgea3, time traveler...
rts; army corps of hell
stealth action ; mgs hd
i could carry on but it is pretty clear that vita has a lot more to offer after only 7 months on the market than 3ds had

Ramas3285d ago ShowReplies(1)
MGRogue20173285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified & LittleBigPlanet Vita are all 100% Must-Buys for Any PS Vita Owner imo..

PoSTedUP3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

agreed. idk about LBP, im not into it anymore but you never know. Persona4 golden, ragnarok oddsey, ACIII and Black Ops for me. also PSallstars

rpd1233285d ago

Yeah I'm psyched for AC Liberation and I'm planning on getting Ragnarok Odyssey day one. Black Ops and All stars should be good too. Don't know about Persona though, I've never played one before but I'll probably check it out.

PoSTedUP3285d ago

buy Persona3portable on the store it's only $10 and the deal ends today i believe, but tell me you dont fall in love with the franchise. best JRPG imo

MizTv3285d ago

i love my vita! playing the hell out of mgsc right now and mlb the show

chrisarsenalsavart3285d ago

after only six months, i can say that vita had a much better launch window games than with any console before
so many games to enjoy and so much variety. People should stop reading those doomed articles and go and check for themselves what games vita already has.

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