Sony at Gamescom 2012: Our Thoughts and Expectations

DualShock Nexus: The date is set; the lineup is revealed. Sony plans on sharing more details about their upcoming titles along with two unannounced games. Will Sony surprise or disappoint at Gamescom 2012? Here are our thoughts.

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taquito3282d ago

PS4 Please!!

As much as I'm excited for the last of us, I really, really think it is beyond time for next gen consoles, 720p or less and jaggies and crappy framerates just looks so,!

flavorbabies3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

A console unveiling would go completely against what they already have planned for the press conference. Did you read the article? They are going to have a strong focus on the PS Vita. Besides, if we're going to see the PS4 unveiled, it would be at E3. 2013 is going to be SCE's 20th anniversary and even if they don't reveal the next console I think they will have a lot in store for us next year. We'll just have to see!

Nimblest-Assassin3282d ago

Strong vita focus?

Good to hear

If anything, they should tone down the PS3 and up the vita at gamescom.. and I will be happy

Freak of Nature3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

I agree flavorbabies...

I still hope they unveil the new Media Molecule IP....And it is as much a hit as LBP was the first time they showed it way back at GDC. I was there, and could not believe my eyes at how creative, stylish and fun with so much potential LBP showed at that show, what a surprise. I want that at this show, and MM are the type studio who can bring this again.

Something fresh and outside of the box, nothing generic or cookie cut...

Last guardian would be great, a small sample? But thats probably all about TGS...

Last of us details will be more than welcome however....

BitbyDeath3282d ago

I agree, it'd be great to have nextgen, but saying games are full of jaggies and crappy framerates?

You must be playing the wrong games.

RyuStrife3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Well, according to Crytek, we'll be getting SMAA T2x this gen. And according to the pdf, it's one of the best AA techniques available. So we'll have to wait and see. Next gen, it may be Nvidia's TXAA vs SMAA 4x or T2x. I don't think we'll be seeing MSAA 8x on consoles, ever.


Whatever they show, I hope not too much time is dedicated to that magic book...

edit: - delete the space

HelloHowAreYou3281d ago

Sony have stated MANY times they won't. They're just going to show things that was revealed at E3, possibly new services and games for the future.

Not even Sony is that stupid enough to reveal anything related to the PS4

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bothebo3282d ago

Something big for the Vita. For the love of god Sony pull something out. I didn't not truly realize how little support the Vita has until I went to Japan and saw maybe a dozen games on the shelves. It was just depressing. Anyway, the upcoming games in the latter part of the year are great, but I'd love to see some more games in there and I'd like to know about more projects if they even have any.

Rockefellow3282d ago

My friend works for Toys R Us advertising... He claims that half his stores still only have four or five launch titles and one or two newer games. My Wal-Mart still only has one row for Vita while every other system has 2-3 cases.

sinncross3282d ago

Honestly, I highly doubt Sony will unveil a new PSV game.

If anything, they can use the time to showcase many games that are going under the radar.
Broken, Smart As, Warriors Lair, Killzone PSV.
Add LBP Vita (maybe LBP Karting), Soul Sacrifice, PSASBR and you have a pretty strong list of games to show.

What they need to do is show off a bunch of high profile 3rd party games. COD is a start. AC3 Liberation needs to be the other. Apparently there is a Ghost Recon for PSV: show it... add NFS to the lineup.

That is a strong lineup.

I personally think the Japan game might be Toro Let's Party. I am not sure why else a JPN game would be unveiled at GC (with TGS around the corner).

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theunleashed643282d ago

looking forward to hearing more about the last of us, and soul sacrifice. seriously i want to see some more gameplay on some of the bosses and offering/sacrificing spells. anything they show on the last of us is icing on the cake for me. interested in what the two new games will turn out to be.

flavorbabies3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Definitely. It's hard to say what ND has in store for us at Gamescom. They didn't really announce that they'd be there (as far as I know). If Sony stays true to the strong Vita focus statement, The Last of Us will play a smaller role at their press conference. I was told personally, however, that Naughty Dog will have a strong presence at PAX Prime. Can't wait!

bahabeast3282d ago

still love my ps3 i can wait for another 2 years make sure the leap is significant across the board not just prettier picture. we can do pretty much anyhin on our current consoles.

BelieveinGhosts3282d ago

You're right, we want big improvements in AI, Physics, Gameplay, Scale, and...Graphics.

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