Blueprint: Home Arrives in PlayStation Home

Posted by Cade Peterson // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

This Wednesday, August 1st, Blueprint: Home arrives, Heavy Ink brings new tats, x7 introduces a new freebie, the Midway Ca$h Carnival continues and more. As usual, there’s so much to cover — here’s your must-do list for this week in PlayStation Home.

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shadowT2737d ago ShowReplies(3)
Lord_Sloth2737d ago

Might suggest this to my sister since she loves things like this. I know my mom can probably use my dad's PS3 for it too.

WeskerChildReborned2737d ago

I never really gave Home a chance but i might soon.

2737d ago
Reverent2737d ago

Lol @ Trainz_2. As if the original Trainz wasn't bad enough of a troll, now we get a second one. Did your old account finally get banned or something?

CommonSenseGamer2737d ago

I have no idea just how much of an asset Home is for Sony. Does it generate any real revenue? It surely can't be much of a factor for those deciding which playform to buy.

GribbleGrunger2737d ago

maybe not, it's just a bonus. FREE is a word PS3 owners appreciate more than most

Hicken2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

By playform, I assume you mean platform.

Home has been generating revenue for Sony for quite some time now. Think of it like your beloved Xbox avatars, but with entire homes instead of just a character. No, it's more than that, because you can leave your home and go interact with other avatars, playing games, watching videos, getting the latest gaming news and so on.

This is from a year ago:

And this is from earlier this year:

"If you look at the first quarter of this calendar year, we actually tripled revenue from the same time period of the year prior."

For all your doubt, it's really just you willfully sidestepping anything that would disprove your assertion.

Edit: A comment on the number of Home users from the second link: "PlayStation Home had garnered 17 million registered users" in less than two years.

TBM2737d ago

ask yourself this if you run a business and its not generating any revenue for you would you still support it, or get out from under it?

if sony is still supporting HOME that means its generating revenue for them. why would they stop supporting it?

BrutallyBlunt2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Home generates revenue but i don't see it as a pinnacle source for PSN. Sony will focus more on the Plus model because that is where consumers go most. Home is poorly run and never fulfilled its potential since it feels like an outside application, still hindered by loading screens. The Wii U should hopefully offer a much better experience with its Miiverse.

"PlayStation Home had garnered 17 million registered users in less than two years."

That really has no bite to it. It's like Sony announcing they have 80 million registered PSN accounts. Doesn't mean much if the actual consumer doesn't use it often. These companies have a way of misleading the public so that the outcome always seems positive. It may have 17 million registered users but how many come back? I myself haven't been back in well over 6 months and i've never bought one single item through it and probably spent more time downloading it and waiting for the rooms to load than actual time spent wandering around and playing the mini-games.

Emilio_Estevez2734d ago

Actually Sony has said home is very profitable on quite a few occasions.

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MysticStrummer2737d ago

lol @ all the usual Home haters. More people use Home than play most online games this generation. Sony makes a lot of money with Home, so it won't be going away. Try to deal with that.

simonrope2737d ago

people actually use this still?

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